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Wireless headset

Headsets are used in variety of applications to facilitate one- or two-way audio communications between users or devices. In recent years, mobile communication devices such as cellular phones have seen a rapid prevalence. There has also been a rapid progress in short-range wireless technology. Short-range wireless data communications between at least two mobile communications devices, or between at least one mobile communication device and at least one peripheral device, are becoming more and more popular. Wireless headsets provide convenience and safety to the users of such devices as office telephones and cellular phones, by allowing the user partially or completely hands free operation of the cell phone. Wireless headset phones are available to satisfy the requirement for cordless telephony without the added bulk of redundant mic and receiver transducers in the handset. The wireless headset generally employs Bluetooth short-range wireless technology. The bluetooth technology is a radio standard of short wave length depending on a radio link within 10 m to 100 m range, and concentrates on a communication between internet devices. The bluetooth technology partitions frequency bands to transmit data, and transmits frequency to the partitioned frequency bands as dividing the frequency. Since Bluetooth tachnology allows modules to be designed in small sizes and with a small power consumption, Bluetooth technology is finding practical applications in, among others, mobile communication devices, e.g., cellular phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), wireless headsets, and peripheral devices thereof.

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