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CD player

A CD (compact disc) is an optical disc used to store digital information, such as audio, video, or computer programs and data, characterized in the large storage capacity compared to conventional magnetic storage means. A CD player as a playback mechanism of a recording medium is mounted on an instrument panel of a motor vehicle as a mobile unit. The CD player reproduces an audio signal from the digital data stored on the CD. The CD player utilizes a disc upon which digital audio information is encoded in a pre-determined format, which format can then be read by a laser. The digital data is accessed by an optical pickup mechanism in the player as the CD is rotated adjacent the optical pickup. A CD player includes electronics such as a motor, motor drive and control circuitry, decoder logic, and the like to spin the CD at an appropriate speed, read the data off the CD, process the data, and convert it to an analog format to be played through a speaker or headphones. The digital data is organized in sequentially generated sample frames, each sample frame containing both audio information and sample position information. The CD player is operable to provide general information as to relative location on the disc of each sample frame such that it is possible to electronically relocate the scanning device to a particular location on the disc. The increasing popularity of CD players in recent years has expanded their use as an audio component on a vehicle, and in particular, a motor vehicle. A home CD player is designed so as to be horizontally disposed. However, the car CD player is disposed horizontally or vertically depending on the space for arranging the player.

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