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CD changer

Many CD players allow a user to play a sequence of tracks from one or more compact discs stored in the compact disc player. This sequence can cycle through tracks from the compact disks in a number of ways, including randomly, sequentially or in a pre-specified sequence. In order to reduce the number of times in which a user must physically transfer CDs to and from an audio system, many users have enhanced audio systems with a CD changer unit that stores many audio CDs and that allows another piece of equipment in the audio system to control the CD changer unit. CD changers which have plural CD's loaded therein and automatically play the loaded CD's in succession have been becoming the mainstream of today's CD players. In such a CD changer, several tens to several hundreds of CDs are accommodated in a single case, and a CD selected by a predetermined operation is automatically played back. The CD changer unit acts as a jukebox for storing, choosing, and playing many CDs. The user then has easy access to playing many CDs at any given time. The CD changer stores a plurality of CDs as recording medium and plays back recorded information on a selected CD by a user's request. And the playback information on the CD is outputted as a sound with a speaker of the audio device.

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