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Audio equalizer

Audio equalizers are devices used for boosting and cutting predetermined frequency ranges or bands. Every stereo system, including some portable systems as well as professional stereo systems typically has an equalizer to equalize the audio data. An audio equalizer typically will adjust the energy levels of the audio data in one or more different frequency bands in order to change the characteristics of the audio data. The equalizer may generate equalized audio data that may then be converted into analog data so that sound may be generated by a sound generating device, such as a speaker or headphone. A graphic equalizer (GEQ) is a piece of audio equipment used to flatten the system spectral response in the audio signal band or produce other desirable effects. A graphic equalizer comprises a plurality of filters that each have a variable gain/attenuation associated therewith. The center frequencies for the various filters are distributed across an overall bandwidth having a upper and lower boundary. The graphic equalizer divides the frequency band of the audio signals into a plurality of frequency bands or channels and changes characteristics in the respective channels, whereby a frequency characteristic over the whole band can be changed at will. The graphic equalizer can vary the frequency characteristics at the respective channels, and thereby change the frequency characteristics over the entire band as desired. In general, the graphic equalizer includes a combination of a simulated inductor and a bridging amplifier which are constructed of operational amplifiers.

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