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The Internet Protocol (IP) is a protocol that defines the addressing of packets of information that can be transmitted over the Internet. Voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP) telephony systems deal with the transmission of voice-band calls over a packet data network. Internet Protocol is a part of the TCP/IP family of protocols described in software that tracks the Internet address of nodes, routes outgoing messages, and recognizes incoming messages. The Internet Protocol establishes the nature and length of the packets and provides addressing information used by the various switches and routers to direct each individual packet to its intended destination. Voice Over IP (VOIP) is the technology used to apture a user's voice, digitize and compress the voice, and transmit the coded voice as data inside Internet-protocol (IP) packets. Voice information to be transmitted across an IP network is converted into digital data and broken up into multiple, discrete packets. In a Voice Over Internet Protocol call, an originating voice gateway quantizes an input audio stream into packets that are placed onto a packet network and routed to a destination voice gateway. The destination voice gateway decodes the packets back into a continuous digital audio stream that resembles the input audio stream. Individual packets may travel over different network paths to reach the final destination where the packets are reassembled in the proper sequence to reconstruct the original voice information. VoIP systems have recently attracted wide interest because they offer significant advantages over conventional circuit-switched telephone communications. VoIP phone calls are significantly less expensive than phone calls made over a public switched telephone network (PSTN), thus substantial savings that can be realized in local and particularly long distance telephone bills. Another advantage of a VOIP system is the ability to implement a phone system over an existing data network that is already connecting workstations within a local area network, such as over an Ethernet.

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  • BeyondTel Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in making the VoIP customer premise equipment (CPE) for SkypeTM , including USB phone, VoIP headphone, and the USB VoIP gateway/ATA. Main products include USB hand phone with LCD and melody, USB hand phone with melody, USB hand phone with LCD, USB desk phone with LCD, USB desk phone, USB speaker phone, USB handset, VoIP head phone, and USB VoIP ATA. China.
  • Dellking Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the development, manufacturing of telecommunication and digital products, including VOIP USB skype phone, flash VoIP W/sound card, bluetooth headset, teller box, computer handset phone, mobile handset phone, sunglass Mp3 player, TV DVD-t receiver, wifi hot spot finder, external 56K modem, portable speaker for Ipod, LED display car parking sensor, and bluetooth headset. China.
  • Gaoke Communications Technology
    Develops and supplies GSM/CDMA2000 1X public payphone, medial gateway (VoIP gateway), IP phone, fixed wireless terminal, fiber optical transceiver/modem, dedicated line access equipment, wireless access terminal, optical fiber multiplexer, integrated access device, and ethernet optical fiber transceiver. China.
  • Mestech Electronical Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the research and development, production, sales and marketing of communications and networking equipment, including 4-port ethernet ADSL router, ethernet ADSL modem/router, VOIP USB phone for skype, voice gateway, PCI modem, 11Mbps wireless LAN card bus adapter, USB WLAN card, PCMCIA WLAN card, ethernet switch, and networking components. China.
  • Vodavi Communication Systems, Inc.
    Develops and supplies remote services gateway, IP voice mail system, voice messaging system, IP telephone system, computer telephone integration, call center management, digital telephone system, hosted IP terminals, voicemail and messaging systems, one and two line phones, and digital key telephone systems. USA.
  • Willong Electronic Limited Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of various mobile phone accessories and computer peripherals. Products include sim card backup, voip skype phone, mobile phone, bluetooth adapter and headset, USB data cable, SIM card reader, travel charger, car charger, MP4 player, USB hub, and Ipod accessories. China.

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