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A VoIP gateway is a network device that handles VoIP data and signalling traffic. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system is communication technology of transmitting the sound data through the internet constituted by LANs and wide area networks (WANS). Utilizing IP-based networks, voice traffic can be converted into packets and carried over IP networks. Voice calls between communicating IP endpoints, such as IP telephones, are placed on through-connections established by network switching nodes. A VoIP gateway system gateway increases the number of processing lines of a voice processing unit by distributing the load of a system bus in a gateway system for sending and receiving a voice data packet by connecting a PSTN (public switched telephone network) and an IP network. The IP network and the PSTN are connected through a gateway. The gateway converts a PCM (pulse code modulation) voice data applied from the PSTN into a packet to transfer it to the IP network. Conversely, when the packet is received from the IP network, the corresponding packet is converted into PCM voice data to be transferred to the PSTN. By using the gateway apparatus, an internet telephony system (IT system) for repeating data between conventional elephone networks through the internet is realized.

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  • DSG Technology
    Manufacturer of embedded auto-attendant system, IP-enabled voice recording system, IP-enabled voice messaging system, embedded voice mail system, intelligent softphone & USB phone, modem-based VoIP telephone, ethernet VoIP telephone, intelligent ethernet/PSTN key telephone, embedded 4 ports VoIP gateway, and business phone system. Taiwan, China.
  • Hypermedia Systems Ltd.
    Developer and manufacturer of scalable, professional VoIP GSM Gateways and GSM Gateways for low to high volumes of traffic, with up to 72 cellular channels/ 288 SIMs. Available interfaces include VoIP, E1/T1-PRI and BRI interfaces, as well as GSM, 3G UMTS, CDMA. Also developer of PBX add-on gateways for PBX, including mobility extension gateway, callback gateway, conference call gateway, and phone manager gateway for enhancing existing PBXs without changing the telephony infrastructure. Israel.
  • Mighty Manufacturing Ltd.
    Manufacturer of networking equipment and peripherals for the Internet. Products include SIP broadband phone, broadband + dial-up phone with built-in modem function, VoIP phone adapter, VoIP dial-up gateway, USB phone, and power over Ethernet SIP phone. China.
  • Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of voice/fax over IP gateways, survivable SIP gateway and server, survivable H.323 gateway for avaya systems, web-based click-to-talk media server, turnkey fax servers for IP networks, DID enabler for PBX and key telephone systems, small branch office Internet security appliance, dial-up router for shared internet access, all-in-one security appliances, external wireless modems, mission-critical corporate data/fax modems, desktop data/fax modems, direct inward dial (DID) modem, DSVD (digital simultaneous voice and data) modem, rackmount chassis, ISA- and PCI-bus data/fax modems, external device servers, rackmount modem system, digital communication server, turnkey remote access server, and PCI-bus buffered serial card. USA.
  • NACT Acquisition Inc.
    Manufacturer of next-generation VoIP network gateways and PSTN class 4 tandem switches, soft switches and telecommunication billing systems. Offers a complete suite of integrated telecom solutions including prepaid calling card, prepaid wireless, and retail/wholesale carrier services.
  • Soundwin Network Inc.
    Develops and supplies 2 / 4 / 8/ 16 / 24 port VoIP high density gateway system, analog telephone sdaptor, dtandard SIP IP phone, SIP proxy server, customized VoIP card (both SIP and H.323 standard compliant) for integrating voice-data network and PABX, pulse metering FXS VoIP gateway, H.323 gatekeeper snd gateway. China. Taiwan, China.
  • Sparklan Communications, Inc.
    Specializes in providing the broadest range of wireless & VoIP applications, supporting IEEE standard (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11a+g, 802.11n, and upcoming WiMAX), bluetooth, SIP protocol, skype, and homeplug. Products include indoor/outdoor base station (AP, Hotspot, AP Router), client adapter (cardbus, PCI adapter, USB Dongle, CF, SDIO), mini PCI module, VoIP (Wi-Fi phone, TA, gateway), IAD (integrated application device), powerline communication, power over ethernet, bluetooth adapter, DVB-T, antenna, mesh, and IP camera. Taiwan, China.

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