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Video phones are known for enabling both video and audio communications between users over a commonly connected telephone line. Video phone systems are a communication terminal equipment simultaneously executing an audio communication and a video communication through a telephone line. In recent years, the technology for video-conferencing has advanced to a level where it has become practical for office and home use. The use of a video phone unit for transmitting a moving picture has been rapidly developing along with the increasing use of digital communication networks. A video telephone combines an image capture device, an image display device, and a codec for coding and decoding the image. The image capture device is usually combined with a signal generator within a video camera. In a video phone unit, the moving picture of one speaker is photographed by a movable television camera before being transmitted to the other speaker. A video telephone system is usually provided with a video signal coder/decoder (CODEC) which encodes an input video signal to obtain a signal or decodes such signal into an image signal. A voice signal CODEC encodes an input voice signal to obtain a signal or decodes such signal into a voice signal. The data coded by the video signal and voice signal CODECs are multiplexed and the data is then transmitted as data to a distant video telephone system. A video telephone is operated, unlike the ordinary telephone set, by receiving its power from an external power source. The video telephone has high power consumption because the video telephone is provided with a monitor, camera and codec which require high speed encoding operations. Some video phones are widely used for home and office buildings for identifying visitors outside the door. When a visitor presses a bell button located at the door, a camera installed outside the door captures an image of the visitor, and the video image is transmitted to the video phone installed inside the house.

Listings on Telecommunications : Video phones

  • Anposi Products Ltd.
    Manufactures video doorphone, car rear camera/monitor, wireless A/V transmitter / receiver, wireless camera, PC video card, digital CCD video camera, digital CCD board camera, dummy camera, metal detector, digital wireless doorbell, alarm doorbell, wired doorbell, 2 way intercom with unlock function, court intercom, professional CCD standard camera, bullet outdoor digital CCD camera, spy camera, and web camera. China.
  • Cnaec Tech Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures digital LCD system, direct video door stations, audio door stations, audio door stations, audio phone, video phones with alarm, B/W embedded video phone, hands-free hanging video door phone, video guard units, ecoders, video distributor, alarm modules, and proximity card controller. China.
  • Daxian Group
    Manufactures electronic guns for color TV display tubes and parts for the gun, digital cell and video phones, plasma and digital HGTV sets, cell phones, digital satellite set-top boxes that allow subscribers to receive satellite or cable signals, circuit boards, and car audio components. China.
  • Genway Security Technology
    Manufacturer of digital video door phone systems for apartments, pin-hole video door phone for villas, video door phone network management system, audio door phones, wireless intelligent alarm and home appliance control system, digital-call audio door phone, access control (entrance guard) system, wireless alarm system, electric mortise lock, magnetic lock, and smart lock. China.
  • Shidean Technology Industries Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the design, development and production of security and surveillance systems and components, including color video door phones, color quad processor, audio door phone, CCTV camera, and wireless observation system. China.
  • UBISTAR Co., Ltd.
    Develops and provides GPS modules such as traffic safety, navigation and information terminals; pocket broadcasting terminals; voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) products such as phones, video phones and wireless local area network (LAN) IP phones; WLL handsets, repeaters, signal boosters and optimization products for the global code division multiple access (CDMA) communications sector; digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) terminals, and high-speed network equipment. Korea.
  • Xingguang Intelligent Building Equipment
    Manufacturer of black and white CCD and color CCD cameras, hands free video door phones and intercoms, vandal Resistant camera, multi-monitor VDP, standard CCTV cameras, multi-monitor video door phones, video door phone with ID access reader, and digital coding system. China.
  • Zhongke-Jiatai Science & Technology
    Manufacturer of horizontal kettle thermostat, broadband multimedia videophone (standalone videophone), desktop broadband videophone, set-top box broadband videophone, multifunctional police-use handheld terminal, IP telephone, current thermostat, and kettle coupler. China.

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