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Two-way radios have become popular communication tools where phones or other communication methods are not available or simply not efficient. Two-way radios generally allow users to communicate with one another without experiencing interruptions caused by other users, such as the case with citizen band radios. Two-way systems advantageously provide confirmation of message delivery, as well as automatic retry upon a failure of a message delivery attempt. In addition, two-way systems allow users of portable subscriber units to originate as well as receive messages. In two-way radio communications systems, communications are typically performed via individual calls between two users or via group calls where users communicate to a number of other users in a particular communication group.

Listings on Telecommunications : Two way radios

  • Daniels Electronics Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of customized radio communications systems for specialized applications. Products include basic repeater, community repeater, multiple linked repeater, VoIP linked repeater, crossband repeater, crossband link, drop link repeater, drop repeating link, radio router, ground to air crossband, microwave backbone, satellite telephone interface, base station with monitor RX, tone or DC remote base station, RF link controlled base station, subrack, control card and ystem monitor. Canada.
  • DX Radio Systems
    Manufacturer of low-band base stations, and produces conventional stations (5-500 watts) in all frequency bands and in several performance levels. Products include VHF Aeronautical transceivers , heavy duty VHF aeronautical mobile transceiver, aeronautical base stations, dual mode radio, transportable paging transmitter, portable radios, repeater base station, paging transmitters, and trunking systems.
  • Earmark LLC
    Designs and manufactures durable wireless communication systems for use by teams operating in difficult and/or hazardous and high noise environments. Main products and systems consist of radio headsets, belt worn radios, repeating base station radios, belt-worn voice amplifiers, and microphones. USA.
  • EFJohnson
    Designs, develops, markets and supports private wireless communications, including wireless radios, wireless communications infrastructure and systems, and secured communications encryption technologies for analog wireless radios. Products include analog/sigital encrypted portable radio, subscriber management assistant, programming software for portable and mobile radios, mobile radio, handheld controller, and base station/repeater. USA.
  • J Communications Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures of broadcasting and wireless communication devices including GPS modules, GPS camera detectors, GPS antennas, GPS receivers, wireless GPSs and GPS/two-way radio units, also manufactures and provides two-way radio products that offer family radio services (FRS), private mobile services (PMR) and general mobile radio services (GMRS); radio frequency (RF) modems; navigation-related products, and Bluetooth wireless equipment, such as BlueBee UBS adapters, Bluetooth modules, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth audio gateways for telephones and Bluetooth headset packages. Korea.
  • Nabishi UK Ltd.
    Manufactures and designs solutions and install radio communications equipment (two-way radio or land mobile radio), conventional communications, encryption devices, trunked or tetra equipment and small or large networks. Products include compact radios, digital encryption modules with high-level security, air band transceiver, motorcycle or open appliance radio, fixed base station, multi-band transceiver, mobile radios, hand held radios, headsets, earphones, earphone/microphones, microphones and other audio products.
  • RELM Wireless Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets wireless communications equipment consisting of two-way land mobile radios (LMRs), repeaters, base stations, and related components and subsystems. Provides basic two-way communications for business and industrial users, such as hotels, construction companies, schools, taxicab and limousine companies, and airports. USA.
  • Saracom Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in marine navigation and communication equipment. Products include radio equipment, radio telephones, emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs), navigator receivers, radar transponders, two way radio, ship whistles, magnetic communications, alarm indication signal (AIS) alarms, ship security alert system (SSAS) equipments and rotating lights. Korea.
  • Teltronic, S.A.
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and commercialization of radiocommunications equipment and systems for professional use. Products include mobile and Handheld terminals for voice and data transmission, PMR conventional, trunking MPT-1327 and TETRA infrastructures, and Terminals for automatic vehicle location, remote control and telemetry.

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