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Cordless telephone devices have become increasingly popular due to the benefit that the handset need not be at a fixed location and need not be located close to the base unit. Cordless telephones offer the user the freedom to move about and simultaneously place or receive a telephone call without being tethered by a wire to a conventional telephone set. Cordless telephone systems are generally constituted by a base station directly connected to the telephone line, and handset units which are wireless and portable and associated with the base station through two-way radio communication. The base unit and remote handset are coupled via a frequency modulated radio frequency (RF) link which either transmits the voice signals between the base unit and the remote handset using analog techniques such as frequency modulation (FM), or using digital techniques such as quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) or frequency shift keying (FSK). In cordless telephone sets, a discrimination code, e.g. a base unit number or a terminal unit number, is set in order to discriminate a relationship between the base unit and terminal unit. Radio connection will be made when the discrimination code registered in the base unit matches that registered in the terminal unit. Presently, two preferred cordless systems exist, digital and analog. Analog phone systems provide the advantages of simplicity, low cost, and high sound quality, but are vulnerable to in-band interference or jamming. Digital systems provide a digital processing gain, reducing susceptibility to inband interference, with the resistance to interference increasing with processing gain. In cordless telephone devices, power is supplied to the base station generally via a feeder line from a power supply which is located in situ and may be in the form of a power supply unit. When the handset is removed from the base unit, a battery in the handset powers the transceiver and other electronics in the handset to allow the portable operation of the telephone. The battery on the handset has a limited charge and must be periodically recharged by returning the handset to the base unit.

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  • Ascalade Communications Inc.
    Designs, develops and manufactures digital wireless and communications products by offering its partners and customers complete vertical integration, from leading-edge product design and development to final production. Products include digital cordless phones, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones, digital wireless conference phones and digital wireless baby monitors. Canada.
  • Nanfone Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of transceiver and mobile radio, bluetooth headset, cordless phones for wireless long-range communication, hand-held UHF transceiver with autoscan and monitor functions, mini size professional UHF transceiver, UHF frequency PLL system, UHF long range cordless phone, high power mobile radio, bluetooth USB dongle, and hand-held UHF transceiver. China.
  • Puxing Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of telecommunication equipments and accessories, including better handle handheld transceiver, UHF FM transceiver, range further transceiver, multifunctional cordless telephone, UHF / VHF handheld dispaly transceiver, UHF / VHF portable two way radio with display, CTCSS/DCS handheld transceiver, and walkie-talkie. China.
  • Qixiang Electron Science & Technology
    Specializes in developing and manufacturing radio-communication systems. Products include transceivers, long and super-long distance cordless telephones, integrated single and double radiophone systems, wireless relay systems, vehicle and shipping communication systems, handheld transceiver, high gain antenna, wireless internet card, GSM wireless fixed terminal, VoIP net phone, USB skype phone, mobile phone signal isolator, cell phone repeater, and CDMA fixed wireless business telephone. China.
  • Wanhua Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of two-way TFT LCD car alarm system, intelligent burglarproof alarm system, two-element wire PIR, CDMA trunk amplifier, CDMA co-frequency repeater, CDMA fiber repeater, CDMA frequency shift repeater, GSM trunk, network alarm system, mini bluetooth earphone, long range cordless telephone, wireless handsfree car kits, microwave radio frequency power amplifier, intelligent burglar alarm system, and stand-alone alarm unit. China.
  • Youthnet Communication Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures GSM fixed wireless telephone, CDMA USB modem, GSM / CDMA fixed wireless telephone, CDMA wireless access device, video server, GPS satellite vehicle-carried system, client resource management system, WCDMA drive testing device, wireless desktop telephone, and wireless data transmission terminal DTU. China.

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