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Telephone service is the most important communication means in our daily life it enables us to easily communicate with others over great distances. Telephones can be used to communicate with friends, family, employees, clients, colleagues and business partners around the world. A telephone is generally connected, by means of a telephone line, to an exchange which supplies the energy necessary to operate the telephone. Telephone cords are used to connect a telephone to either a wall terminal or its handset and typically consist of pairs of insulated copper wires, such as 2, 4 and 8 wires that are commonly arranged in twisted pairs. Each end of the telephone cord fitted with a modular telephone plug to facilitate attachment to a jack hole of a socket either in the telephone or on the wall terminal. Telephone handsets incude conventional corded phones and cordless phones. The handset includes a microphone unit, a speaker unit, a dialing system, antenna components, various circuitry including suppressing circuits, and a variety of related interconnecting components. A phone conversation is conducted using a telephone handset. When the telephone receives an incoming call, the exchange also transmits a corresponding sinusoidal signal on the telephone line, this call signal operates a buzzer which informs a user of the incoming call. During a conversation, the direct-current voltage operates the various conversation members of the telephone such as a microphone and a speaker. The speaker is pressed against or held to the user's ear and a microphone held near the user's mouth. With the speaker, an audio signal from the phone system is transduced into audible sound so that the user can hear what was said by the other party or parties to the phone call. With the microphone, the utterances of the user are transduced into an audio signal that can be transmitted electronically to the other party or parties to the phone call. Telephone apparatuses adapted to caller identification delivery services have functions of storing received information of a calling party and displaying a telephone number of the calling party in a display unit. Home telephone systems are typically transmitted to buildings using an analog signal. Many computer users connect to the internet through a dial-up type connection. The data transmissions are transmitted at bandwidths that are different than voice transmissions. The data transmissions are usually converted from an analog format to a digital format for use with a computing system using digital data. The connection typically uses a modem to convert digital computer signals to analog signals for transmission over the public switch telephone network.

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  • AKA Electronic Science & Technology
    Manufacturer of conventional phones, digital cordless telephone, USB phone, VOIP phone, recording phone, antique caller ID telephone, multi-functions phone, one-touch memory phone, hotel phone, cordless public phone (GSM/CDMA), call wating phone, wall-mount phone, mobile phone, multiple media speaker, cell phone speaker, and iPod speaker. China.
    Designer and manufacturer of standard and custom telephone solutions including weatherproof telephones, elevator telephones, emergency telephones, keypads and dials, courtesy telephones, autodialing telephones, public telephones, telephone hookswitches, prison telephones, pay phones, credit card telephones, and telephone handsets. USA.
  • Coby Communications Ltd.
    Manufactures corded phones, cordless phones, portable MP3 digital player, digital color TFT LCD portable media player, 900MHz CID cordless phone, .4GHz digital cordless telephone, 2.4GHz two-line cordless phone, streamline phones with lighted keypad, call waiting caller ID telephone, speaker phone with TDA system, GMRS / FRS / PMR communicator radios, wireless speakers, wireless headphone, and portable multimedia player. China.
  • Cosun Group
    Specializes in the manufacturing and sale of telecommunication terminals and equipment, including corded and cordless telephone sets (smart card telephones, caller identification (ID) display telephones and coin-operated telephones, mobile public phone, short message telephone, web telephone, little smart phone). Other products include wireless smart, fax machines, GSM mobile phones, CDMA mobile phones, walkie-talkies and electronic toys. China.
  • Freetronic Corporation
    Design, manufacturing and sales of telecommunications and electronics products. Products include internet screen phone, modem phone, featured telephone, digital answering machines / phone, caller-ID phone, two lines and multi-function telephone, single handset and multi-handset cordless telephone, and cordless with caller-ID telephone. Taiwan, China.
  • Giant Wireless Technology Ltd.
    Specializing in the design, manufacturing, marketing, global distribution, and brand managing of quality wireless electronics products. Products include corded phones, digital cordless telecommunication telephones, bluetooth-enabled data phones, multiline business phones, digital answering systems, FRS (family radio service) radios, CB (cell broadcast) radios, pagers and other products with cellular phone text messaging, voice-over-Internet protocol and other features. Hong Kong, China.
  • Guangdong Telecommunications Appliances Corp.
    Specializing in the integration of telecom appliances, systems integration, communication equipment maintenance, logistic service, bidding and tendering. Products include dual-dislay payphone, VOIP phone, mobile phone, transmission & switching equipment, all dielectric self-supporting optical cable, direct-burial optical cable, terminating cable, ADSL line (24 pairs), heat-shrinkable closure products, main distribution box and frame, integrated services platform, bluetooth USB adapter, and optical fusion splicer. China.
  • Pacific International China Limited
    Manufacturer and exporter of telecom products including single display corded phones, double display corded phones, touch screen phones, talking caller ID phones, pulse/tone phones, cordless phones, dual LCD clock phones, single colour display phones, and mini caller ID phones. Also trades in various kind of consumer electronics such as dry cell batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, CD/VCD/DVD players, emergency lights & torches, cameras etc.
  • Routon Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of phone billing meter, GSM / CDMA IC card pay phone, coin and card payphone, IC card payphone designed for outdoor use, wireless conversion pool with GSM/CDMA signal interfaces and landline signal, calling card payphone, GSM / CDMA billing telephone, wireless access station, network video surveillance management system, four-channel network video surveillance server, network video decoder, and electronic transaction machine. China.
  • Telco Intercontinental Corp.
    Offers a wide range of products and specialty components, including prepaid phone, public payphones, wireless payphone, video displays, industrial motherboards, precision enclusures and cabinets, payphone remote management system, power supplies, sepcialty cable, modular jack, line cord, PCB jack, coreless DC motor, and hybrid stepping motor. USA.

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