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Communication satellites represent one of the most significant applications of space technology. Communication satellites can allow radio, television, and telephone transmissions to be sent live anywhere in the world. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the amount and types of information that is transmitted via satellite communication. Various communication systems provide a communication path between terrestrial data processing systems through a satellite system. Satellites provide a vital communication link for radio, telephone and television traffic in addition to other forms of data communication. Satellite communication systems are useful alternatives to conventional terrestrial communication systems, such as land lines, fiber optic, and microwave. Satellite communication is performed by using a communications satellite which is in geosynchronous orbit, such a satellite is known as geosynchronous satellite. A ground station for the satellite communication is generally constituted by an antenna provided stationarily on the ground and a transmitter-receiver connected to the antenna. A geosynchronous satellite has a communication signal receiving system and a communication signal transmitting system. The receiving system has a satellite receiving reflector that receives multiple communication uplink signals from one or more terrestrial transmitting stations and concentrates the signals at corresponding ones of multiple receiving horns. The multiple receiving horns are used to pass the communication uplink signals through an input filter system to a satellite low noise amplifier (LNA) and downconverter system. A communication multiplexer system receives the low noise amplified and frequency converted uplink signals and channelizes and routes the signals to the transmitting system for transmission to terrestrial recipient stations. The transmitting system typically includes an amplifier system composed of traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers to provide high reliability, high power output amplification. The outputs of the high power amplifier system are connected through an output filter system to one or more transmit horns for transmission as downlink signals via a satellite transmit reflector. The network control system (NCS) which monitors and controls the overall satellite network system, manages access to the satellite network system, and assigns satellite circuits to meet the requirements of mobile customers and to provide network management and network administrative and call accounting functions. A satellite communication system can cover a broad area, it is used for not only communications between fixed stations (earth stations), but also mobile communications. The satellite network system provides the capability for mobile earth terminals to access one or more multiple beam satellites located in geostationary orbit for the purposes of providing mobile communications services. A mobile satellite communication system typically includes at least one or more satellites, fixed ground terminasl such as a gateways, and many mobile terminals. The mobile terminals may communicate with the gateway or other mobile terminals via the satellite over communication channels. A DAMA (demand assigned multiple access) system is used for assigning a line every time a communication request occurs thus to efficiently make use the satellite communication system because communication requests sporadically are made from mobile terminals.

Listings on Telecommunications : Satellite communications

  • Anaren, Inc.
    Design, development and manufacture of microwave and radio frequency (RF) components, assemblies and subsystems for the wireless communications, satellite communications and defense electronics markets. Primary product lines include passive RF (couplers, power dividers, quads, splitter/combiner networks, baluns), active components (vector modulators, mixers), ferrite components (circulators, isolators), beamformers, antenna feed networks, RF backplanes, switches, integrated assemblies, custom ceramic circuit-board and component solutions. USA.
  • Codan Limited
    Designs and manufactures high frequency radio solutions, satellite and microwave links products, television broadcast products, printed circuit boards, 70/140 megahertz C- and Ku-Band radio frequency transceivers, L-band intermediate frequency C- and Ku-Band RF transceiver, high-power solid state power amplifiers, interface products, switchers and routers, monitoring bridges, display systems, and signal converters. Australia.
  • EMS Technologies, Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless communications products for the commercial, defense and government markets. Product offerings include personal communication system (PCS)/cellular networks, in-building wireless local area networks, satellite-based terminals and antennas, RF products for mobile wireless and fixed wireless applications, repeater and amplifier products, rugged mobile computers for use with wireless local area networks (WLANs), and microwave-based hardware for use on satellites and in other defense electronics applications. USA.
  • Maspro Denkoh Corporation
    Manufacturer of television (TV)-related equipment and satellite communications-related equipment. Offers antennas (TV antennas, antennas for local area network systems and antenna-related accessories), audio visual equipment, cable television (CATV) high pass filters, CATV attenuators, amplifiers, boosters, satellite receiving equipment, satellite antennas, twinleads, coaxial cables, broadcasting, repeater system, internet equipment , and audio visual equipment. Japan.
  • Microelectronics Technology Inc.
    Specializes in microwave and satellite communications products including very small aperture terminals (VSATs), satellite television transceiver systems and personal wireless communications systems, GSM BTS transceiver, low noise amplifier, digital microwave transmission systems and developing point-to-point digital microwave radios and base station transceivers. Taiwan, China.
  • Microwave Instrumentation Technologies
    Develops and manufactures equipment used for testing microwave and satellite communications systems, as well as radio transmitters and radar systems. Products include microwave receiver system, data acquisition and analysis workstation, signal sources, broadband antenna, parabolic reflectors, standard gain dipoles, coax-to-waveguide adapters, broadband feeds, waveguide bandwidth feeds, multipliers and multiplexers, position controllers, linear motion stages and slides, positioners and turntables, planar scanners, spherical arch scanners, automated test and measurement equipment. USA.
  • Nera ASA
    Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells wireless telecommunications equipment and systems. The transmission networks segment offers selected telecommunications transmission equipment and systems, consisting of high- and low-capacity microwave radio transmission equipment and systems, turnkey telecommunications transmission networks and antenna systems for use in public, private, military and other cellular telecommunications networks. The satellite communications segment offers mobile satellite terminals and land earth stations for satellite communications networks. The broadband access segment supplies wireless terrestrial broadband access. Norway.
  • Radyne Corp.
    Designs, manufactures, sells, integrates and installs digital video broadcast demodulator, satellite internet terminal, MRT multiple receiver terminal, digital broadcast receiver, flyaway earth station, audio broadcast receiver, DNMS network manager, universal satellite modem, redundancy switch, modem and redundancy control system, IMT integrated modem transceiver, solid-state transfer switches, terrestrial microwave modem, DBS-band synthesized frequency upconverter, frequency converters, MPEG encoders and redundancy switches, MPEG IRDs and decoders, MPEG ATM & network interface adapters. USA.
  • ViaSat, Inc.
    Provider of digital satellite communications and other wireless networking and signal processing equipment and services including information distribution system (MIDS) products, mobile satellite communication systems, satellite modem termination systems, airborne, maritime and ground mobile terminals and systems, data controllers, antenna systems, terminal controllers, millimeter microwave MMICs and modules, embeddable INFOSEC product, and scaleable systems. USA.

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