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A paging system is the combination of paging transmitters, control systems, and paging terminals. Paging systems are used to communicate information to a person carrying a mobile paging unit. Pagers are typically carried by people who wish or need to receive communications when they are away from a telephone or computer, or are unable to predict where they may be reached at a given time. Many business establishments today utilize on-premises radio paging systems to locate employees or notify customers when service is available. Paging systems typically include a paging terminal that interfaces with the public switch telephone network (PSTN) and a plurality of paging transmitters that provide signal coverage over a wide geographic region. The paging terminal network may then be connected to the public switched telephone network or other types of networks such as the Internet so that parties may generate paging messages for transmission to the mobile paging unit. In the paging system paging transmitters are connected to one or more paging terminals. The paging terminals formulate and format the paging messages and forward the paging messages to the paging transmitters for transmission. The paging transmitters transmit the paging messages in accordance with predetermined paging protocols, such as POCSAG, FLEX, and ERMES. Paging information is coded with a unique identification number and then transmitted to all paging receivers, with the receivers only receiving information having a specific identification number associated therewith. The paging terminal operates to supply the pages to be broadcast to each of the paging transmitters. The paging receiver or pager receives the signal, demodulates, and decodes the signal to recover the message, and presents the message to a user of the paging receiver.

Listings on Telecommunications : Paging systems

  • Canamex Communications Corporation
    Develops and manufactures self-contained on-site paging system (used to send messages to alphanumeric, numeric or tone/vibrate pagers), stand alone desktop paging unit with internal UHF or VHF and synthesized transmitter, stand-alone paging unit (used to send direct, private messages from the office to people with alphanumeric pagers and PCS text phones), 4-line voice prompt unit, and power amplifiers. Canada.
  • Command Communications, Inc.
    Specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of consumer and commercial electronic communication products and accessories. Products include line sharing devices, fax switches, modem sharing, remote metering systems, on-premise paging systems, restaurant pager, auto dealership paging systems, bar paging system, casino paging systems, chef paging system, church nursery paging systems, customer paging system, discrete paging system, golf course paging systems, guest paging systems, hospital paging systems, and hospitality paging systems. USA.
  • CommtechWireless
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of on-site and wide area paging systems. Products includes a wide variety of on-site pagers and on-site beepers, push button desktop paging systems for restaurants, wireless messaging systems (used to send email to pagers, alarm messages to cellular phones and voice paging), a broad spectrum of on-site paging terminals and paging encoders, AIM paging system, alarm messenger. Also manufactures all associated peripherals such as alarm boards, voice-prompted telephone cards (IVR), paging transmitters and paging encoders that can be used to integrate nursecall systems, alarm panels, and PABX systems. Australia.
  • Visiplex, Inc.
    Manufacturer of wireless paging notification systems, provide a complete line of wireless paging systems, wireless nurse call systems, wireless PA systems, emergency wireless notification systems and many other application specific wireless solutions. Products include desktop paging system, miniaturized desktop/wall mount paging encoder, compact Remote Monitoring and Control alphanumeric paging system, digital paging transmitter for voice and data paging applications, alphanumeric UHF/VHF pagers, UHF pager, UHF/VHF Voice pager for voice messaging, alarm/panic transmitters, wireless infrared receiver with UHF transmitter, magnetic mount antenna, and complete Base Station antenna kit for large area RF coverage. USA.
  • JTECH Communications, Inc.
    Provides complete hospitality, restaurant, church, auto, and retail solutions. Products include silent server paging systems, silent guest paging systems, silent messaging systems, silent messaging systems, PC-paging systems, valet parking messaging systems, management paging systems, wait list and guest management systems, schools/universities pagers, and business office pagers. USA.
  • Long Range Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures and supplies network based transmitter, handheld transmitter for seating management and remote wait list entry, guest paging transmitter, server paging transmitters, guest pager, battery-operated pagers, pushbutton transmitter, signal repeater, recharging stations, commercial 2-way radios, wooden lobster holder, alphanumeric pager, and other compatible accessories. USA.
  • Oi Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures and sells optical, Internet protocol (IP), image and information transmission devices, multiplexers, digital terminal-related equipment, monitoring systems, data collection and distribution devices, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)-related equipment, set-top box, automobile computers, recognition box servers, on-site paging system, bi-directional communications systems, integrated services digital network (ISDN) and local area network (LAN)-related measuring instruments, phone and facsimile measuring instruments. Japan.
  • Valcom, Inc.
    Provides telephone systems and paging equipment that include one-way ceiling speaker, pendant speaker, woodgrain wall speaker, high-efficiency horn, marine horn, explosion-proof horn, clean room speaker, 9 zone talkback page control, 24 station intercom system, FM tuner, emergency/normal call-in switch, dynamic noise canceling microphone, vandal-resistant enclosure, metal bridge/backbox, digital multi-tone generator, noise sensing volume control, remote microphone, station level page adapter, stacking feedback eliminator, matching transformer, and battery cack-up power. USA.

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