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A camera phone is a mobile phone with built-in cameras. Camera phone combines a cellular telephone with a camera in a single housing or two housings hinged to be folded. Cellular phones have become an increasingly popular means of communication for today's mobile society. Phones with digital camera allow users to communicate and exchange information through pictures. People may use their camera phones to capture images, send and receive digital images. Some newly developed camera phones are also video phones, and can transmit videos and videocalls. The phone display shows a picture image taken by the camera section. The user shoots while monitoring the picture image on the main display. Due to advances in technology, the demand for mobile communication devices with built-in cameras has been increasing rapidly.

Listings on Telecommunications : Camera phones

  • Aiptek International Inc.
    Manufactures, develops and sells pen tablets/modules, tablet liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors/modules, digital still cameras/modules and digital video camcorders/modules. Also offers mobile telephone camera modules, high-definition digital video recorders, pocket digital video recorders, pocket camcorders, digital binoculars, bluetooth tablets, moving picture experts group layer-3 audio (MP3) players, network cameras, bluetooth high fidelity link sets, bluetooth headphone sets, bluetooth universal serial bus (USB) dongles, bluetooth mobile printer adapters and optic-pen mice. Taiwan, China.
  • Thomson Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing, and after-sale service of MP3, MP4 players (SD card color screen MP3 player, CSTN screen MP3 player, modern color MP4 player, high capacity battery MP4 palyer), mini-speakers and English-language learning machine. Also produces digital camera, flexible mini speaker, GSM multi-media camera cell phone, and super slim cell phones. China.

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