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Audio conferences or teleconferences are often used as an effective and easy way of communicating in business meetings, sales meetings, and technical information exchanges. Audio conferencing systems provide the necessary resources for callers at different locations to enter and participate in an audio conference. Audio conferencing platforms allow conference participants to easily schedule and conduct audio conferences with a large number of users. Audio conferencing is typically performed via a call center that includes agents situated at consoles to facilitate the audio conferencing. The call center may also provide conferencing bridges for facilitating audio conferences. An audio conference server is generally operative to mix audio signals received from a number of conference call participants and to provide audio output signals that are audible by all participants. The conference server typically includes management capabilities to manage the addition and deletion of participants to and from a conference as they join and leave the conference respectively. An audio conferencing system contains an audio output device, such as a speaker, capable of producing sound waves based upon audio signals received from the external transceivers. Inputs to the conference server may include audio from analog telephony, digital telephony, packet telephony, streaming media, or audio from other input sources. The teleconferencing input devices, such as a microphone, are capable of producing an audio signal from sound waves received thereby for transmission to the plurality of external transceivers.

Listings on Telecommunications : Audio conferencing

  • Bogen Communications International, Inc.
    Develops, produces and sells sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Products include power vector, utility amplifiers, power amplifiers, professional instrument microphone, handheld stage microphone, handheld public address microphone, condenser gooseneck microphone, desktop paging microphone, orbit ceiling speaker, rock landscape speaker, wall baffle speakers, bidirectional horn, voice over IP (VOIP) gateways for overhead paging, intercom control centers, interphones, conference phone, ambient noise sensor, talkback amplifier, attenuators, and line-matching transformer. USA.
  • Inter-Tel, Inc.
    Offering value-driven communications products, applications utilizing networks and server-based communications software, and a wide range of managed services that voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, local and long-distance calling services, custom application development, maintenance, leasing and support services for its products. USA.
  • Speakerbus Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio- and videoconferencing systems that combine hardware and software to enable remote users engage in multimedia communication over phone lines and the Internet. Products include voice conference manager, network video switch, small scale hoot system, large scale hoot system, VoIP hoot system, large scale intercom platform, security intercoms, and managed TV distribution system. UK.
  • Tandberg ASA
    Designs and develops videoconferencing systems and management software. Product offerings include videoconferencing solutions that allow companies to establish and manage conference calls; multi-vendor interoperability solutions that ensure interoperability with major vendors in the videoconferencing industry, and end-to-end solutions that unite network infrastructures, video systems, software and services. Also offers such products as video systems, multipoint control units, management suites, schedulers and integrators, as well as providing after-sales and related services. Norway.
  • TOA Corporation
    Manufacturer of microphones, amplifiers, speakers, megaphones, background music facilities, emergency public address and general-purpose public address systems, automatic announcement systems, conference systems, in-train information systems, theater and hall sound systems, digital-mixing systems, stage sound systems, intercom systems, telephone application systems, wireless microphone systems, in-store communication systems, wireless paging systems, mobile wireless systems and closed-circuit television systems. Japan.

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