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A telephone answering machine is a telecommunication device that automatically answers an incoming telephone call, plays a pre-recorded message, and records a message that the caller leaves. Telephone answering machines are used in almost every household for answering telephones and recording incoming messages when users of the machines are not available. A telephone answering machine is usually triggered by incoming ring signals when the number of ring signals exceed a predetermined number set by the user or manufacturer of the machine. If such call is not answered within a predetermined time period, the answering machine may be activated with greetings and recording instructions so as to enable the person placing the call to record a message. Answering machines usually comprise one or two magnetic tape cassettes for storing the outgoing and incoming messages. A digital answering machine is used to answer a telephone and store voice messages in an internal memory. The use of an internal digital memory eliminates the need for the magnetic tape cassette that was commonly used in earlier answering machines. The machine may have a display for indicating the number of messages received and the time and date they were received. Some answering machines allow messages to be played back over the telephone network via remote command from the caller. Some telephone answering machines can be controlled locally or remotely to transmit recordings from the machine over a telephone line to a distant caller. Such answering machines will allow the user to retrieve messages, delete messages, turn the machine on or off, and perform other control functions.

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  • Curtis International Ltd.
    Designs and markets consumer electronics, including telephones, clocks, answering machines, shower radio, portable TVs, karaoke machines, CD and DVD players, portable and home stereos, compact fridges, microwave ovens, chiller can dispenser and water coolers. Also manufactures product under private label for a number of major retailers. Canada.
  • Everpeace Electronics Company
    Manufacturer of cordless phone, caller ID speakerphone, trim line caller ID phone, caller ID phone with digital answering machine, trim line phone, basic two piece phones, antique phone, duoble jumble LCD display caller ID speakerphone, family radio system, and phone with alarm clock. China.
  • Starlight International Holdings Limited
    Engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of audio, video and telecommunication products including home audio systems, compact disk players, cassette players, digital versatile disk players, television sets, cordless phones, digital answering machines, MP3 players and other electronic products. Also provides audio original equipment manufacturing services for other electronics manufacturers. Hong Kong, China.
  • Tiptel AG
    Development and manufacture of terminal devices for Internet, voice and data communication applications based on conventional fixed telephone line, wireless and network technologies. Specific products include conventional telephones, cordless telephones, answering machines, call manager and voicemail systems, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems and digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) telephones, a wide range of accessories and devices for connectivity, alarm systems and video surveillance systems. Germany.

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