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A video cassette recorder (VCR) is a device for recording and reproducing a video signal and an audio signal recorded on a recording medium such as a video cassette tape. A video cassette recorder typically includes a tape deck mechanism having a tape loading device, a cassette tape loading device, a tape driving device, a brake operating device, a brake device, a driving force shielding device, and a system control unit for controlling an operation of the tape deck mechanism. A driving system is mounted on the main base and draws the tape from a cartridge to run the tape around the outer surface of the head drum according to a predetermined route. A head drum assembly is utilized for recording the video signals onto the tape and for reproducing the recorded video signals. The head drum assembly consists of a plurality of video heads, a rotary drum, a supporting shaft and a stationary drum. The video heads are fixed to the rotary drum rotatably supported through a pair of the bearings. The magnetic tape is wound around a pair of reels provided in a cassette. When the cassette is loaded into a deck of the VCR according to a loading mechanism, the pair of reels are respectively mounted on a take-up reel table and a supply reel table installed on the deck. Information signals are typically recorded on a magnetic tape in discrete tracks of information. The magnetic tape is disposed around the periphery of a head drum and longitudinally transported. Analog video cassette recorders adopt a consecutive recording method, while digital video cassette recorders adopt a non-consecutive recording method. Digital video cassette recorders for public use have better picture quality and are able to record longer programs in comparison with conventional analog video cassette recorders. A digital video cassette recorder can be operated in the same way as a conventional analog video cassette recorder is operated. Digital video cassette recorders generally have a search mode and a normal reproduction mode.

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  • Gradiente Eletronica S.A.
    Manufacturer of audio and video equipment, such as televisions, stereo systems, videocassette recorders, digital video disc (DVD) players, projectors, plasma displays, equipment for pay television via satellite (such as digital home satellite systems, digital satellite decoders and satellite antennas), desktop computers, cell phones and accessories. Brazil.
  • Hitron Systems Inc.
    Engaged in the manufacture and development of advanced network systems and security. The company's products include observation systems, monitors, cameras, controllers, time-lapse videocassette recorders (VCRs) and digital video recorder systems. Offers specialized solutions from fundamental multimedia technology to system integration and Internet business. Korea.
  • Victor Company of Japan, Limited
    Research, development, manufacture and sale of video cameras, video cassette recorders, plasma televisions (TVs), cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs, liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs, rear-projection TVs, stereos, car audio systems, digital versatile disc (DVD) players, DVD cassette recorders and compact disc (CD)/radio/cassette players, equipment for business and educational uses, karaoke systems and projectors, display components, motors and high-density multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), and software and media, which include CDs and compact disc read only memories (CD-ROMs). Japan.

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