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A television receiver receives a radio frequency (RF) signal transmitted from a broadcasting station or via a cable. A television receiver has an operation unit such as a power source on/off switch, a channel selecting switch, a volume control switch, a remote controller light receiving unit for receiving commands outputted from a remote controller and a sound output unit in addition to a visual image output unit for outputting visual image. Television receivers that are being marketed today have various optional functions which may be incorporated therein. In addition to their capability of receiving television programs, television receivers can provide home communication functions that allow the television receivers to be used as household information terminals. The television receiver may include picture-in-picture (PIP) in which the video signal for PIP is provided by a second signal source (a VCR) connected to a second video input of the television receiver, or a second tuner so that the television receiver may by itself provide PIP.

Listings on TV and video : TV receivers

  • Baotong Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of long range cordless phone, amplifier for UHF long-range cordless phones, UHF & multi-channel long-range cordless phone, USB VoIP phone, USB digital terrestrial terminal with real time recording function, European DVB-T receiver with teletext and subtitle functions, and CI/CA satellite receiver. China.
  • homecast Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in the provision of set top boxes (STBs), digital satellite receiver, digital cable box, digital web box, HDTV STB, digital terrestrial receiver, personal video recorder, digital audio broadcasting receiver, and home network (residential gateway) set-top box. Korea.
  • SCM Microsystems, Inc.
    Develops DVB conditional access modules, dual common interface controller, POD driver stack, verification system for cable-ready TV receivers, mobile terrestrial receiver, PC DVB receivers, test equipment for conditional access interfaces for digital TV receivers, digital flash media card readers and chip technology for photo kiosks and other OEM digital media applications, smart card readers, smart card interface components and PC card readers for applications including network access/security, home banking, digital signatures/PKI, and online credit card transactions. USA.
  • Taizhou Wansheng Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures a great variety of cable converters, TV tuners, modulators, TV sets. Products include volume & decoder CATV converter, cable TV converter box, SCS system, video stabilizer, cable TV converter board, and mobile plug inverter. China.
  • Yijingda Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital audio-visual products including digital terrestrial TV receiver, DVD decoder board, home DVD players, DVB-T receiver, DVD home theater systems, portable DVD players, digital cameras, and multi-media players. China.

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