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A video cassette recorder (VCR) is a device which is capable of recording video and audio signals on a recording medium such as a video cassette tape and reproducing these signals from the recording medium. It has a number of uses, including playing back of tapes filmed by a video camera, playing back of pre-recorded tapes, and recording and playing back of broadcast and cable television programs. A combination of a television (TV) receiver, a video cassette recorder (VCR), and a DVD player within a single enclosure provides a consumer with aall-in-one control of functions in a single piece of remote control panel. Using a combined TV/VCR/DVD system, The VCR and television receiver are connected so that a program on a desired channel may be recorded by the VCR while such program is also being displayed on the picture screen of the television receiver. A viewer can watch a television program from either a pre-recorded video cassette tape or from a broadcast or cable TV station.

Listings on TV and video : TV DVD VCR combos

  • Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of TV/VCR combinations, TV/DVD/VCR combinations, TV/DVD-RAM/VCR combinations, multi media projection displays, video cassette recorders (VCR), DVD/VCR decks, digital video camcorders (DVC), digital vdeo camcorders (DVD), digital still cameras, video intercom systems, surveillance camera systems, electric heater tables, heater tables & chairs for the living room, bathroom heaters, dressing room heaters, power supplies, non-shrinkage prescision ceramic package substrates, glucose sensors, lactate sensors, infrared lamps for medical treatment, automatic injection dispensing systems, super multi drives, DVD-ROM drives, CD-R/RW&DVD-ROM combination drives, hard disk, DAT data storage (DDS), 1U DDS libraries, S-AIT format tape streamer, LTO drives, HDD, fluid dynamic bearing motors for HDD. Japan.
  • Zenith Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of direct view television, flat tube television, direct view integrated HDTV, direct view HDTV monitor, LCD TV ED monitor, HDTV monitor plasma display, plasma integrated EDTV, HDTV monitor rear projection, PC and HDTV monitor, HD personal video recorder/receiver, HD satellite receiver, HDTV receiver, DVD/CD player, progressive scan DVD player/Hi-Fi VCR combination, progressive scan DVD/Hi-Fi VCR combo, progressive scan DVD recorder/Hi-Fi VCR combination, DVD/Hi-Fi VCR home theater in a box, and 4-head Hi-Fi VCR. USA.

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