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A television is a product that is mainly used to process visual frequency to present pictures with accompanying sound system. Standard sized televisions are the most widely used product in the consumer electronics world. The television system converts both audio and visual information into corresponding electrical signals which are then transmitted through wires or by radio waves to a receiver which reproduces the original information. Such television signals may be delivered by using antennas (broadcast), communication satellites, or cable systems. A television set typically consists of television camera for recording electronic moving images, a sound system, a transmitter modulating one or more television signals with both picture and sound information for transmission, a receiver that receives picture and sound signals from the television broadcast and displays them on a screen, and a display device which may use cathode-ray tube (CRT), liquid crystal display device (LCD), or plasma display technology that turns the electrical signals into visible images. With the rapid development of display and image processing technology, television has become a major medium of communication and source of home entertainment with high quality audio and visual effects.

Listings on TV and video : Standard televisions

  • Changhong Electric Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the manufacture and sale of televisions (TVs), air conditioners and other household electrical appliances. Offers digital televisions (TVs), digital display panels, information technology (IT) products, air conditioners, digital audio/video (AV) products, digital network products, molding products, digital electronic components, environment-friendly power supply systems, electrical equipment, electric engineering products and chemical materials. China.
  • Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of equipment and information and communication equipment including videocassette recorders (VCRs), digital versatile disk (DVD) players, DVD recorders, televisions, liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, plasma display panel (PDP) televisions, projectors, inkjet printers, laser beam printers and digital still cameras. Japan.
  • SVA Electron Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of color cathode ray tubes (CCRTs), super twisted nematic liquid crystal display (STN-LCD), electronic guns, glass substrates and other CCRT accessories. The company produces 21-inch CCRTs, 25-inch CCRTs, 29-inch CCRTs, 29-inch pure flat CCRTs, 34-in CCRTs, liquid crystal display (LCD) modules, plasma display panels, plasma modules and other products. China.
  • Westlake Electronics Group
    Manufacturer and distributor of color televisions, mobile phones, computers and properties, as well as the provision of network integration services. The company's major products include digital televisions, liquid crystal televisions, Dtv set top box, TFT-LCD projection color TV's light engine, high definition TFT-LCD rear projection color TV,TFT-LCD color TV, and high-definition televisions. China.

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