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Broadcasting television signals by satellite is a common method of providing television service. Communication satellites positioned in earth-synchronous orbits provide television signals to various countries around the world. Satellites receive television signals originating from earth and retransmit the signals back to earth. A satellite television broadcasting receiver is used for the purpose of receiving pictures and television broadcasting programs. Television receiver systems capture satellite transmissions, process the signals received, and select one for reception. The satellite broadcasting system is capable of transmitting a broadcast signal to much wider area than other broadcasting systems. Satellite television systems have emerged as an alternative to cable television systems. A digital satellite television system for direct television broadcasting includes a transmitter for transmitting television signals including video and audio components to a geostationary satellite. Satellite signals are in the GHz range in one of a number of bands, known as L, C, Ku and X bands. Earth station terminals typically downconvert signals to a range of about 0.95 to 2.2 GHz (L-band) by a low noise block converter forming part of most satellite signal receiving antennas. The satellite retransmits the received television signals to an outdoor antenna assembly that includes a dish-like antenna and a block converter. The dish-like antenna directs the received television signals to the block converter that converts the frequencies of the received television signals to respective lower frequencies. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) systems allow households to receive television, audio, data and video directly from the DBS satellite. In the typical DBS system, the satellite receiver antenna includes an 18-inch parabolic dish, and the receiver unit is a television set-top decoder module.

Listings on TV and video : Satellite TV systems

  • EchoStar Communications Corporation
    Offers HD satellite TV receivers, single- and dual-tuner satellite receivers integrated with advanced digital video recording functions, satellite TV receivers housed in sleek slim-line chassis, satellite TV receivers for standard definition programming, DVR and HD receiver, high definition receivers, and high definition television. Provides a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) subscription television service including hundreds of video, audio and data channels, interactive television channels, digital video recording, high-definition television, international programming, professional installation and 24-hour customer service. USA.
  • Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.
    Developer and manufacturer of analog and digital video, TV and data broadcast receiver products for personal computers. Products include analog PCI TV receivers, personal video recorders, analog USB TV receivers, WinTV-PVR's for systems builders and VARS, external USB unit includes built-In hardware MPEG encoder for TV watching and recording on Macs, and screen wide-format 16:9 LCD display. USA.
  • Success Information Industry Group
    Specializes in the digital video broadcasting (DVB), wireless digital telecommunications and utility metering industries. Its products are classified into five major categories: DVB, including digital video systems, digital satellite receivers, digital cable receivers and digital terrestrial receivers; digital telecommunications, including global system for mobile communication (GSM) fixed wireless terminals, GSM desktop phones and others; utility metering, including electricity meters and integrated circuit (IC) card water metering systems; computer, including motherboards, display cards, universal serial bus products, moving picture experts group audio layer-3 (MP3) products and computer network products, and software products, including wireless broadband application platforms, broadband broadcasting, copyright management, video dedication and operation management systems and geographic information system (GIS) platforms. China.
  • Wegener Corporation
    Provides professional streaming media decoder, network control, conditional access and professional satellite receivers for commercial programmers, digital signal processors for local off-air HD broadcasts and satellite feeds; applications include IP data delivery, broadcast television, cable television, radio networks, business television, distance education, business music and financial information distribution. USA.

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