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Projection televisions or video projectors are image projection systems that generate images by using image generation means, such as small-sized cathode ray tubes (CRT), liquid crystal displays (LCD), and polymer dispersion liquid crystals (PDLC) as image sources. The image projection system can be divided into two types according to an image projecting method. One is a front projection system in which an image is directly projected on the front surface of a screen, and the other is a rear projection system in which an image is projected on the rear surface of a screen. Projection television sets are a popular alternative to picture tube television sets, as they provide relatively large viewable screens that cannot be efficiently produced using conventional picture tubes. The image projection systems magnify and project the images onto a large screen to display desired images. Due to the advantages of providing large-sized images, the demand for projection televisions and video projectors has been increasing. In the rear projection television, a projector disposed within a cabinet projects projection light onto a light transmission screen panel disposed at the front of the cabinet, from behind, to thereby display an image on the screen panel. The brightness of a display image of the rear projection system is much higher than that of the front projection system. Projection televisions typically include an enclosure with an optical unit, a reflecting mirror reflecting the projected beams, and electronic components for receiving and projecting an image onto a screen assembly mounted on the front of the enclosure. Rear projection screens transmit an image projected onto the rear of the screen to an audience space. Rear projection screens typically include a system to diffuse light transmitted into the audience space. A projection screen receives images from projectors on a first side and displays the images on a second side with controlled light dispersion of all the displayed images.

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  • Sony Corporation
    Develops, designs, manufactures electronic equipment (CRT-based televisions, projection televisions, PDP televisions, LCD televisions, projector for computers and display for computers, home audio, portable audio, car audio,and car navigation systems, LCD,CCD and other semiconductors, batteries, audio/video/data recording media,and data recording systems), games (PlayStation, PS one, PlayStation 2), recorded music and music videos, compact discs (CDs), digital versatile discs (DVDs) and universal media discs (UMDs), Sony's pictures segment includes production, acquisition and distribution of motion pictures, television broadcasting and online distribution. Also provides financial services include savings and loans. The other segment consists of an advertising agency business and an Internet-related service business. Japan.
  • Toshiba Corporation
    Specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic devices and components, information and communication systems, digital consumer products and power systems. Products include personal computers and other computer systems, storage devices, telecommunications equipment, social automation systems, medical electronics equipment and space-related products, semiconductors, electron tubes, optoelectronic devices, liquid crystal display, batteries and printed circuits boards, digital high-definition TVs, projection TVs, projectors, industrial and surveillance cameras, DVD players and HDD & DVD recorders, HDD audio players, hard disc drives(HDDs), notebook PCs, POS (point of sales) terminals, electronic cash registers, barcode-related equipment, copiers and facsimile equipment, vacuum cleaners and massage units, general-purpose CMOS logic, small signal devices, power devices, opto-semiconductor devices, multimedia SoC, custom SoC, microcontroller, LCD-driver, analog IC, CMOS image sensor, flash memories, X-ray tubes, tungsten and molybdenum products, high purity sputtering target, amorphous magnetic parts, refrigerators, washing machines, small household appliances, uilding and commercial air-conditioning products, lighting and lighting systems, railway station service systems, banknote processing machines, automatic letter-processing systems, face-recognition security systems, road traffic control systems, control systems for water purification and sewage treatment plants, telecommunication & network systems, air-traffic control and navigation-aid systems, radar and radio application systems, radar and radio application systems, computed tomography systems, ultrasound system, magnetic resonance imaging systems, nuclear medicine systems, hospital information systems, radiology information systems, picture archiving and communication systems. Japan.

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