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In recent years, various types of portable battery powered electronic devices such as calculators, cell phones, personal digital assistants, which are sufficiently small and lightweight to be readily accommodated within the user's pocket. Such devices generally employ a liquid crystal display, together with low-consumption circuit elements, and so have a long battery life. There are many demands on a miniaturized portable liquid crystal television receiver having a small power consumption, small thickness, and high performance. Portable television receivers allow viewing of the image or picture while traveling in an automobile, boat or other conveyance. A portable television receiver with a liquid crystal panel comprises an antenna, receiving circuit block, and liquid crystal panel driving circuit block. The receiving circuit block comprises a printed circuit board or ceramic board on which various independent elements or components, including an electronic tuner in a metallic shielding case, and integrated circuits for intermediate-frequency, video signals and audio signals are mounted. A video signal amplified by a video amplifier is converted into a digital signal by an A/D converter, and the digital signal drives the liquid crystal panel. The liquid crystal panel driving circuit composes liquid crystal driving waveforms from the video signal for driving the liquid crystal panel to develop half tone images.

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  • Axion
    Manufacturer and distributor of audiovisual electronics solutions for personal entertainment, education and business applications. Products include portable DVD player, handheld LCD TV, LCD TV/DVD combos, CRT televisions, portable DVD player, portable media player (PMP), TV tuner, VCP/VCR, batteries, carrying cases, headphones, AC adapters, remote controls, antennas, car cords, wireless headphone, and other TV essentials. USA.
  • The Radio Corporation of America
    Offers SDTV digital stereo TV, diagonal DLP HDTV with DCR and integrated ATSC tuner, diagonal RCA scenium digital cable ready DLP HDTV with Stand, diagonal Scenium DLP HDTV with DCR and integrated ATSC tuner, diagonal HDTV with integrated ATSC tuner, diagonal high definition television, diagonal widescreen LCD HDTV, portable televisions, and other consumer electronics.

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