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Flat panel TV uses any of a number of flat-panel display technologies, such as LCD, plasma. A flat-panel display contains a pair of plate structure separated by a spacer having a rough face. When electrons strike the spacer, the roughness in the spacer's face causes the number of secondary electrons that escape the spacer to be reduced, thereby alleviating positive charge buildup on the spacer. As a result, the image produced by the display is improved. The spacer facial roughness can be achieved in various ways such as depressions or/and protuberances. A flat-panel display device having a transparent first plate and a second plate which are disposed in parallel with each other and cooperate to define therebetween an air-tight space in which light is generated for emission through the first plate, the display device including a sealing material for air-tightly sealing the air-tight space along a periphery of the first and second plates, and metallic thin sheets bonded with the sealing material to end faces of the first and second plates such that the metallic thin sheets cover the end faces. Flat panel displays are remarkably advanced with the developments in liquid crystal display and plasma display technologies. Thus, flat panel displays such as liquid crystal display or plasma display are employed as the monitor for products such as a personal computer or a television receiver. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) display a picture using electrical and optical properties of liquid crystal and their developments are being directed toward a trend pursuing a higher resolution and a larger screen size. These LCDs include a flat LCD panel displaying a picture, a control board connected to the LCD panel, an optical module and a mold frame receiving these elements.

Listings on TV and video : Flat panel televisions

  • Chuangjia Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces all kinds of color TV sets from 14" to 42" including CRT TVs, HDTVs, LCD TVs and PDP TVs. Also designs, develops and produces high-power transistors of various specifications, types, and packaging forms. China.
  • KXD Multi-media Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture and sales of audiovisual entertainment devices, including liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, portable digital versatile disc (DVD) players and DVD recorders, home theatre system and laser vision disc. China.
  • LG Electronics
    Global manufacturer of mobile broadcasting handsets, public broadcasting system (PBS) devices, key phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, compressors, motors, magnetrons, TVs, monitors, plasma display panels (PDPs) modules, video tapes and others. The digital media division provides storage devices, audios, videocassette Recorders (VCRs), digital versatile discs (DVDs), personal computers, DVD recorders, home cinema systems and IT products.

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