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The digital video disc (DVD) is a popularized next generation multimedia storage device for storing high grade images with a high degree of tone quality. DVD video is an optical disk that contains video data compressed by the MPEG2 data compression technique and navigation data showing the reproduction method of the video data. DVDs compress video information using MPEG-2 to minimize the amount of data required for video. On the disc, data is typically stored in the form of pits and lands patterned in a radial track. The track is formed as a spiral extending from the inner edge of the disc to its outer edge. The data stored in the digital video disk may be categorized into two types: presentation data and navigation data. The presentation data is compressed audio and video data. The navigation data is control information used to reproduce the presentation data. Various devices have been developed to enable consumers to record video and/or audio programs for later presentation. Such devices include tape recorders, video cassette recorders, recordable compact discs, and recordable digital video discs (DVD). Recording information onto optical disks is performed by modulating light intensity and forming recording marks on the media. Data on DVD video is formed in volume and file structures, and the formats of volume and file structures are prescribed in Micro UDF (universal disk format) and ISO (international standard organization) 9660.

Listings on TV and video : DVD recorders

  • Dihuan Electronics
    Manufactures DIVX DVD players, DVD recorder player, HDD-RW players, memory DVD players, MP3 players, home theater system, DVD with game players, VCD players, MP4 players, portable DVD player, and car power adapter for adapter. China.
  • Doremi Labs, Inc.
    Developer and manufacturer of video disk recorders (VDR) and video servers for the professional video and audio markets. Products include disk recorder with digital video, uncompressed disk recorder, multi-channel video servers, HD-MPEG2 decoder, DVI converter, portable test generator, and remote controllers. USA.
  • Humax Co., Ltd.
    Developer of digital consumer electronics. The company's main products are digital satellite set-top boxes used in the areas of broadcasting, communication and digital technology. Other products include internet protocol-based video-on-demand set-top box offering high-speed Internet access, versatile broadband access, broadcasting and other features; digital versatile disk (DVD) recorder; and digital audiovisual receiver. Korea.
  • Lianchengwen Technology
    Manufacturer of VCD player, SVCD player, DVD recorder player, hard disc DVD player, home theater system, PC main board, VGA Card, CD ROM, DVD ROM, FlashRW, and TFT displayer. China.
  • MiCO Electric (Hong Kong) Limited
    Manufacturer specializing in the development and production of home entertainment technologies. Products include DVD players, DVD recorders, home theatre system, mobile phone, portable digital TV, DTV scart receiver, and set top box. Hong Kong, China.
  • OPPO Digital, Inc.
    Manufacturer of next-generation digital electronics, dedicated to enriching people's digital lifestyles with technology and innovation. Markets a comprehensive portfolio of DVD players, DVD recorders, home theatre systems, LCD TVs and portable DVD players. USA.

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