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As digital products have been improved in processing power, display capability, and storage capacity, various video electronics capabale of capturing, recording, processing, transmitting, and reconstructing moving pictures have been developed and spreaded throughout general households. Televisions for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound are in much advanced fabrications and performances. Currently commercially available TV products include flat panel televisions, projection televisions, and portable televisions by using of display technologies such as cathode ray tubes (CRT), liquid crystal displays (LCD), polymer dispersion liquid crystals (PDLC), and plasma display panels (PDP). Today, the trend of television broadcasting has been toward digitization. Digital television broadcasting such as high definition television (HDTV) has a much better resolution and a wider aspect ratio, and provides a multichannel sound at a level of a compact disc as compared with conventional analog broadcasting. A number of devices have been developed for use in controlling equipment for receiving television broadcast information such as televisions, video recorders, cable boxes and satellite receivers. Video signal processing systems that utilize storage media having digitally compressed video and audio information recorded give consumers a vast number of options for controlling playback of a video title stored on such a media. Video disc played adapted to process information stored in accordance with the digital video disc (DVD) specification is gaining rapid acceptance. DVD players/recorders allow the user to playback the disc contents using one of a plurality of playmodes. As the performance and scale of microprocessors progress, personal computer systems incorporated with A/V (audio/visual) equipment function as multimedia media for processing a variety of information data, such as text, sounds, graphics, animation, and movie. A multimedia-supporting color television set can display not only the video images from various video media including television, video tapes, CATV and laser disks but also images from various personal computers on a single video receiver.

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