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Video surveillance is one of the most reliable and most common methods for maintaining security in highly sensitive facilities such as airports, retail stores, banks and other places that require continuous real-time human surveillance. Many security systems available today provide for real-time evaluation of images as viewed by video cameras. Alarm conditions are declared when a sensor detects an intrusion or other abnormal event within the field of view of a camera. Video surveillance systems often monitor relatively large areas by means of several video cameras or domes. A dome may include one or more cameras, each camera is wired directly to a control console at which the video signal is displayed. Images from several cameras are displayed on one or more video monitors at a security console. Video surveillance systems provide video cameras at appropriate locations throughout the facility to be guarded.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Video surveillance systems

  • Aventura Technologies Inc.
    Designer, developer and manufacturer of high-end PC and embedded digital video surveillance fixed and mobile solutions. Products include digital video recorders (PC based, non PC-based, mobile, streaming server, ATM DVR, matrix systems ), CCTV accessories (monitors, twisted pair, power supplies, cables, connectors, quads, multiplexers), access control readers, controllers, cards and accessories, cameras, lens, housings, brackets, and fiber optic transmiters/receivers. USA.
  • Digital Recorders, Inc.
    Specializes in transportation, law enforcement, and security digital communications systems. Designs and manufactures products that improve the flow and mobility of people through transportation infrastructure, mitigate security threats, and enhance law enforcement surveillance capabilities. Products include route destination signage systems, route voice announcement systems, and Internet-based, automatic vehicle monitoring systems, microphone amplifiers and processors, countermeasures devices, speech activity detectors, and radio and television noise cancellers. USA.
  • DriveCam, Inc.
    Develops fleet safety technology that improves driving performance and lowers operating costs for commercial fleets. The company designs, manufactures, and sells video surveillance equipment used by commercial fleets to improve driver and traffic safety. The company markets driving behavior management systems and services that integrate in-vehicle video technology, driving performance management software, and driver counseling to reduce the cost of poor driving. USA.
  • Eyetek Surveillance
    Mnaufacturer and supplier of surveillance equipment and spy cameras to individuals, corporate and government bodies and other surveillance equipment companies throughout the world. Specialises in spy cameras and car tracking as well as all other surveillance devices. UK.
  • Global Digital Imaging Limited
    Research, development and manufacture of personal electronic products such as door camcorders and wireless security systems. Its door camcorder with color monitor and motion sensor records video and stores it to a removable SD card for playback or storage on a computer. It utilizes a video screen for viewing and recording from inside that replaces the standard peephole. On the outside is a lens that mounts to a door. Users can view video that was recorded and can manage the information stored on the SD card. The compact notebook cam with totally automatic focus solution is used in video conferencing over the Internet and for web-casting and remote home monitoring. Hong Kong, China.
  • GVI Security Solutions, Inc.
    Provides complete video surveillance and security solutions incorporating a complete line of video surveillance, access control and detection systems to the homeland security, professional and business-to-business market segments. The company provides a combination of closed circuit televisions, digital video recorders, access control, rapid access portals, software systems and networking products that enhance life safety for both government agencies and the private sector. USA.
  • Multiplexer Technology Inc.
    Manufactures a complete line of digital video multiplexers, including simplex, duplex, triplex and double duplex either in B/W or color with NTSC and PAL formats for the CCTV security industry. Supplies a frame or field switcher for any application. Also supplies state of the art color digital quad processors and picture in picture CCTV devices. USA.
  • SWS Security
    Manufacturer of electronic surveillance intelligence gathering, and radio communications systems. Products include the world-wide standard beeper buster pager interception system, high end wireless video systems, data intercept, radio direction finding /electronic tracking systems and frequent custom integrations of existing or new technology for special applications. USA.
  • Vicon
    Designs, engineers, and produces digital video transport and storage systems, programmable controls and matrix switching systems, camera dome systems and cameras, multiplexers, motion detectors and quads, pan-and-tilt devices, monitors, camera housings, mounting equipment, time-lapse recorders, lenses, video signal and fiber-optic transmission equipment. USA.

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