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Smoke detectors are commonly used to detect the presence of smoke particles in the air as an early indication of fire by sensing light scattered from a light beam by smoke particles that infiltrate the smoke detector. Smoke detectors are known safety appliances which are installed in various structures, including homes, office buildings, and warehouses, to monitor for the presence of smoke, and to provide an alarm in the event smoke is detected. Smoke detectors are particularly used in closed spaces such as houses, factories, offices, shops, ships, aircraft, and the like, with virtually every building being required by law to have some sort of early warning fire detection system. The alarm may be audible and/or visual within the monitored space, and may be electronically communicated to a remote monitoring site. Smoke detection systems generally fall into one of two categories including photoelectric detectors and ionization smoke detectors. Photoelectric smoke detectors employ optical sensors to detect the presence of smoke in a detection chamber. Optical sensors operate based upon principles of scattered light absorption. A photoelectric smoke detector system measures the ambient smoke conditions of a confined space and activates an alarm in response to the presence of unacceptably high amounts of smoke. Photoelectric detectors include an infrared (IR) light source and an IR photodiode receiver positioned at opposite ends of the detector's chamber. They are located off axis from each other to prevent the IR light source emitted energy from flowing directly to the receiver. Ionization smoke detectors work by monitoring the conductance of air ionised by a radioactive source, which changes in the presence of smoke particles. A ionization type smoke detector generally comprises a smoke detecting section having an inner ionization chamber, and an outer ionization chamber defined between the intermediate electrode and an outer electrode. Ionization smoke detectors are more sensitive than the photoelectric type detectors in detecting smaller particles of combustion, i.e. generally smaller than one micron. However, photoelectric smoke detectors are more sensitive than ionization detectors in detecting large combustion particulate.

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  • AKCP Inc.
    Manufacturer of IP based environmental and security monitoring solutions for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. Providing early warning of threats to the integrity of a company's data and assets, products are used in the rack mount, telecommunications, power, and food and beverage industries, corporate data centers and wiring closets, hospitals, educational institutions, and department of defense. Thailand.
  • BestKey Electronic Electrical Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of burglar and alarm accessories and fire alarm accessories, magnetic contact switches (door contacts) and photoelectric smoke detectors, fire pull station, junction box, glass break detector, call point, shock sensor, temperature switch, gas sensor, phone block and cord, push pull disconnect, connectors and reed sensor. China.
  • Faraday Fire Safety Equipment
    Designs, engineers and manufactures fire detection / protection / notification systems and products including intelligent fire alarm panel, digital alarm communication transmitter, remote 80 character LDC annunciator, fire alarm remote annunciator, remote network annunciator, network interface boards, metal manual fire alarm boxes, air duct housing w/relay, remote alarm lamps, manual non-code keyed stations, duct smoke detector housings, photoelectric smoke detectors, fire alarm initiating device, stand-alone strobe strobe plate, AC electro-mechanical horns & horn strobes, notification appliance, duct detector test switch, voice evacuation system, master time programmer, and industrial signaling devices. USA.
  • Fire Control Instruments
    Manufacturer and supplier of low profile ionization plug-in detector, ionization smoke detector, photoelectronic smoke detector, mechanical heat detector, addressable thermal sensor, duct detector housing, beam smoke detector, alarm pressure switches, waterflow detectors, fire alarm stations, notification appliances, conventional fire alarm control panels, voice evacuation systems, fire alarm control panel, accessories and power supplies. USA.
  • Fire Sentry Corporation
    Designs, manufactures, tests, and markets fast-reacting electro-optical fire and flame detectors, portable test lamps, controllers, and control panels. The company's products detect all types of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires for a broad range of industrial markets. Products are used in petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms; the semiconductor industry; airbag manufacturing plants; munitions plants; automotive paint lines; general electrostatic finishing; power plants; general industrial facilities; as well as other diversified industries and applications. USA.
  • Jarden Consumer Solutions
    Supplies smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, environmental home products, fire escape ladder, motion sensing light socket, batterypowered flashlights, shake flashlights, power strips, indoor extension cord, emergency alert radio, indoor lighting control with remote, night lights, plug-in electronic pest repeller, perishable food monitor, and single station alarm. USA.
  • No Climb Products Ltd.
    Manufacturer of professional test and service equipment for fire detection systems. Provides a comprehensive range for the functional testing and removal of smoke, heat and CO fire detectors at heights up to 9m / 30ft; tests smoke detectors for sensitivity to reduce false alarms / ensure alarm is not delayed; and smoke tunnels for laboratory testing, as well as calibration. UK.
  • Uptime Devices
    Provides temperature sensor, voltage sensor, humidity sensor, dry contact sensor, temperature / airflow combo sensor, security sensor, temperature / humidity combo sensor, wireless smoke detector, water sensor, network and web-enable environment monitors, serial device controllers, and intelligent power controller. USA.
  • Vision Fire & Security
    Specializes in very early warning smoke detection systems, video-based security solutions and voice alarm systems including air sampling smoke detectors, video-based security products (multi-site video security system, remote video and audio transmission system, high performance video intrusion detector, passive infra-red detectors), voice alarm and public address products (public address amplifiers, voice evacuation & alarm systems, desk paging microphones, voice evacuation network, digital sound storage unit).

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