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Radar detectors detect microwave signals from a traffic radar, sound an alert, and inform the driver of the strength of the microwave signals and sometimes location of the radar source. Radar detectors generally provide an alarm indication when a radar signal is received. Radar detectors are often employed in motor vehicles to detect police microwave and/or laser radar signals and to provide the driver with an audible and/or visual warning of the presence of such police radar signals. Typical radar detectors are self-contained single units containing receiver circuitry and alert circuitry. The radar detector is typically mounted within the passenger compartment of the motor vehicle in a location within the view and reach of the driver.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Radar detectors

  • Beltronics
    Develops and manufactures remote radar/laser detectors, performance timer accelerometers, golf swing speed measurement device, detector accessories (red alert light and green power light, coiled cord, direct wire cord, windshield suction cup mount with suction cups, auxiliary speaker, hook & loop fastener, etc.). USA.
  • Escort Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and distributes radar and laser detectors, radar-related products, laser shifters, also manufactures eight vehicle performance computers, which employ microelectromechanical accelerometers to measure and report acceleration, cornering and braking G-forces and time trials, including 0-60 miles per hour and quarter mile times. USA.
  • Rocky Mountain Radar
    Offers a complete lineup of radar detectors for personal mobile use, manufacturer of FCC-compliant radar/laser scramblers, as well as products that combine radar/laser detection and scrambling. Rocky Mountain Radarís breakthrough technologies include Smart-Scan? which ensures less false alarming, and Micro-Scan? which boasts a 90 % probability to detect POP radaróthe advanced micro-pulse system virtually undetectable by other radar detectors. USA.
  • The Whistler Group, Inc.
    Manufacturer of auto radar detectors, laser detectors, power inverters, digital voice recorders, and MP3 players. USA.
  • Uniden Corporation
    Manufactures cordless phones, including 900-megahertz digital cordless phones, 2.4-gigahertz digital cordless phones, 5.8-gigahertz digital cordless phones and other cordless phones, Internet protocol (IP) phones, business phones (comprised of two-line multihandset phones and phones with internal private branch exchange), radar detectors,marine transceivers, family radio service transceivers, scanners and citizen band (CB) transceivers. Japan.

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