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Parking a vehicle in a defined space oftentimes can be quite difficult. Confined by limited parking spaces, most drivers have to depend on their skills to squeeze into a parking space. However, when backing or parking vehicles, drivers normally have blind spots, which can cause serious consequences. Most drivers have difficulty in accurately judging the distance, for example, between the front bumper of the vehicle and a rear wall of a garage. Parking and reversing aids can be used as accessories for vehicles. These products may includ ultrasonic sensors for detecting the distance to an object was introduced to the market for drivers to eliminat the dangers of the existence of blind spots. Curb sensors for use facilitating vehicle parking employ a deflectable probe which is adjusted to rub against an obstruction when there is a predetermined clearance between the obstruction and the vehicle itself. Typically, a separate sensor is used on the curb side at each end of the vehicle.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Parking sensors

  • Coligen Corporation
    Manufacturer of parking sensor system, a collision warning/obstacle detection system capable of warning a driver that there is an obstacle in a defined area behind a rearward moving vehicle that would result in a collision, working in all adverse weather and light conditions. Taiwan, China.
  • Preco Electronics
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic industrial safety products. Offers a complete line of alarms with various sound levels and operating voltages, LED lights, mini-bars, strobe lights, rotator lights, directional light bar, collision warning systems, safety alert system, and wireless information management systems. USA.
  • The Stratus Group Inc.
    Manufactures and markets automotive and transportation safety products to both commercial and individual consumers. Products include fleet safety and collision avoidance systems and ultrasonic parking sensor system. USA.

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