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Night vision devices are apparatus useful for observations under conditions where there is insufficient visible light for normal visual observation. Night vision systems allow people to better see objects during relatively low visible light level conditions, such as at nighttime. Night vision systems may be classified as either passive night vision systems or active night vision systems. Passive night vision systems simply detect ambient infrared light emitted from the objects within a particular environment. Active night vision systems utilize a light source to illuminate a target area and subsequently detect the infrared light reflected off objects within that area. Active systems utilize laser or incandescent light sources to generate an illumination beam having near infrared light energy, and charged coupled devices or CMOS cameras to detect the reflected infrared light. Night vision devices typically include an image intensifier tube that converts infrared energy into visible light. Night vision devices are widely used in the military to provide soldiers, aviators and sailors with the ability to view objects at night or during other low light conditions.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Night vision devices

  • Night Vision Technologies, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures enhanced vision systems and also distributes single camera and handheld solutions. Offers rugged and easy to use remotely mounted, centrally monitored night/day vision systems. Product line provides a wide array of options providing a broad range of capabilities for marine and land based applications. USA.
  • ATN corp.
    Manufactures a large selection of night vision devices including night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars and goggles, night vision weapon sights, multi-purpose night vision system, value system, day / night system, long-medium range D/N weapon system, short-medium range D/N weapon system, day optics, rifle scopes, open collimating reflex sights, specialized optics, thermal night vision products, thermal viewers, thermal weapon sights, accessories and kits. USA.
  • B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc.
    Supplier, manufacturer and systems integrator of electro-optical and other related products used for industrial, law enforcement and defense applications. Specializes in turn-key laser-targeting/illumination systems, night vision devices, long-range surveillance and other integrated electro-optical systems for critical military as well as industrial applications. USA.
  • Cantronic Systems Inc.
    Designer, manufacturer and marketer of active and passive CCTV infrared imaging and night vision cameras for monitoring, protecting and managing facilities and people. Products include uncooled thermography camera, fever scan, thermal ranger security camera, long range night vision security camera, high sensitivity thermal camera, stabilized gimbal camera, active infrared camera system, CSI-IR infrared illuminator, vandal proof IR dome camera, thermal imaging camera, and transformer gas analyzer. Canada.
  • General Starlight Co., Inc.
    Manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging optical electronic devices, including thermal imaging goggles-binoculars, thermal imaging digital camera, night vision goggles, night vision binoculars, multipurpose night vision pocketscope, night vision riflescope, and day-night multipurpose kit/weaponsight. Canada.
  • Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
    Designs, develops and manufactures electronics for military, civil and commercial use. Products include radars (air defense, fire control, and traffic control), combat avionics (countermeasures and electro-optical systems), communications systems, night vision systems, imagery and reconnaissance systems, laser target designators, naval and anti-submarine warfare systems, navigation and space sensors, space imaging and communications systems, and simulators. USA.
  • Oxley Developments Limited
    Provides electronic data tagging, elapsed time indicators, night vision compatible cockpit lighting systems, night vision compatible components, NVG friendly external aircraft lighting systems, night vision compatible vehicle lighting systems, EMI/RFI suppression filter components, EMI filter arrays and connectors, advanced electronic ceramic capacitors, LED panel indicators, filament bulb replacement products, emergency egress lighting, infra-red illumination products, PCB test points, pins, connectors, plugs and sockets. USA.
  • Stanford Photonics, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures electro-optic assemblies and systems with end applications in remote viewing, surveillance, x-ray, photometry and low light level imaging and analysis. Products include basic subassemblies such as fiber-coupled image sensors, as well as complete integrations: design-optimized light sources; sensor-based light measurement systems; custom CMOS/CCD cameras; and intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras. USA.

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