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Motion sensors are used in a wide variety of applications and many different types of motion sensors havebeen developed. Motion sensors are primarily based on ultrasound, passive infrared (PIR) and radar detectors. An infrared detector of the motion sensor assembly outputs a signal responsive to infrared energy radiated from a source present in a field of view of the motion sensor assembly. PIR sensors are perhaps the most frequently used home security sensor. Ultrasonic motion sensors are commonly used for automatic door openers and security alarms. FM-CW radar sensors emit a swept frequency microwave signal and compare the frequency of the echo with its current emission frequency, producing a beat frequency proportional to range. Motion sensors are presently employed in a wide variety of applications. Motion sensors and accelerometers are widely used in VCR cameras and aerospace and automotive safety control systems and navigational systems, such as crash sensing systems. Motion sensors are commonly used in the field of mechanical engineering, particularly in the automotive vehicle industry, for applications of controlled brakes, position sensors, angular position sensors, motor-driven adjustment devices or for sensing wheel revolutions, active suspension systems, supplemental inflatable restraint systems such as air bags, and seat belt lock-up systems. Motion sensors are also used with bicycles to sense rotation of the wheel or pedal crank so that bicycle speed and cadence may be computed by a bicycle computer and displayed to the rider.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Motion sensors

  • BRK Electronics
    Provides motion sensor for incandescent socket, AC powered smoke alarm with battery back-up, photoelectric AC powered smoke alarm with battery back-up, general use smoke alarm, smoke and carbon monoxide combination alarm, battery powered carbon monoxide alarm, plug-in carbon monoxide alarm with digital Display, fire extinguishers, home alarms, relays, and fire escape ladder. USA.
  • Motorola Home Monitoring And Control System
    Provides wireless cameras, wireless door/window sensor, wireless motion sensor, wireless temperature sensor, wireless water sensor, wireless power controller, wireless keypad keys, wireless repeater and siren.
  • MTS Systems Corp Sensors Division
    Global supplier of mechanical testing systems and position sensors for a wide variety of markets and applications. Products include linear-position sensors, liquid-level sensors, mobile equipment sensors, position controller, detached electronics position output sensor, active suspension sensor, reservoir level sensor, plunger/piston position measurement sensor, light industrial/commercial sensors, mobile hydraulic cylinder position sensors, and magnetostrictive sensor. USA.
  • Singer Instruments
    Design and production of ultra accurate inclinometers, cosed looped inclinometers, radiation resistance servo inclinometer, mems based inclinometer, micro miniature LVDT, micro miniature gage head, USB LVDT signal conditioner, signal conditioner cards and control boxes, AC operated motion sensors, force balance transducers, liquid density transducer, flow transducers, torque transducers, and high temperature solenoids. Israel.
  • VTI Technologies Oy
    Designs and manufactures motion and pressure sensors including 2-axis accelerometers with digital interface, 1-axis accelerometer, z-axis accelerometer, high accuracy 2-axis MEMS inclinometer, 1-axis inclinometer, and 1-axis acceleration module. Typical applications include brake and anti-skid systems of cars (ABS, ECS, ESC, EPB), tyre pressure measuring and anti-theft systems, measuring the location and level of the arms of forestry equipment, excavators, cranes and robots. Finland.
  • Xsens Technologies B.V.
    Supplier of products for measurement of motion, orientation and position, based upon miniature MEMS inertial sensor technology. Products include 3DOF orientation tracker, miniature attitude and heading reference system, and multi-sensor system. Products are used for 6DOF motion tracking in film industry, motion capturing for virtual character generation in game developing and film industry, biomechanics research and medical applications, control and stabilization of mobile robots and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles, dead-reckoning of (D)GPS information for navigation purposes, and vehicle dynamics analysis of cars and motorbikes. The Netherlands.

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