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Motion detectors have become very valuable and quite popular devices as used in commercial and residential applications such as intruder monitors, lighting control systems, robotics and other areas where presence of a moving person within boundaries of a space under surveillance is desirable. Motion detectors are typically positioned near exterior doorways or windows of a building for monitoring the area around the building. Upon detecting motion, they generate an electrical signal that is transmitted to a preselected audible alarm or lighting device which is then activated. Motion detectors with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for temperature sensing and illumination control have been in use for burglar alarms and other kinds of monitoring systems. Infrared motion detector devices are commonly used in automatic light switches to turn on a light to illuminate a walkway as a person approaches the front door or to illuminate a driveway as a car drives in. Passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors function by sensing heat emitted from a person or other warm object such as an automobile as the person or object enters the field of view of the device. When the motion detector detects an appropriate heat impulse characteristic of a moving heat source, it provides an electrical signal to activate the light. Automated motion detection systems are employed to alert the monitor of the presence of activity within the view of a camera. Such motion detection systems operate by detecting changes in the sequential electronic images of the same scene.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Motion detectors

  • Ascension Technology Corporation
    Manufactures magnetic, optical, inertial and hybrid motion-tracking devices for 3D computer graphics interaction, animation and medical imaging. Products include wireless tracker for interactive pointing in real-time visualization systems, DC magnetic position and orientation tracking of 1-4 sensors, regulatory-qualified flock, optical tracker, DC magnetic position and orientation tracker, single-person motion capture system, magnetic position tracking system, and six degrees-of-freedom pointing device. USA.
  • Bircher America Inc.
    Manufactures a complete line of presence and motion sensors used in industrial manufacturing facilities, shipping warehouses, commercial properties, medical treatment centers, hospitals, train stations, bus depots, and airports. Products include industrial safety mats, automatic door safety mat systems, safety mat and sensing edge controller, sensitive sensing edges, machinery safety bumpers, microwave sensor, active infrared sensors, passive infrared sensors, light beams, airwave switches, loop detector systems, and airwave pressure switches. USA.
    Designs and manufactures microwave motion sensor, combination motion & presence sensor, FRM-AI presence sensor, door mounted safety sensor, push plate switches, extreme switches, heavy duty keyswitches, narrow style button switches, vestibule sequencing transmitters, modular safety beam system, microwave vehicle motion sensor, ultrasonic vehicle presence sensor, and TCPS isolation modules. USA.
  • Process Control Systems, Inc.
    Manufactures speed monitoring systems designed to monitor belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, rotary feeders as well as other types of material handling and processing equipment to prove rotation or indicate loss of rotation. Products include adjustable speed switches, zero speed switches, counting systems, tachometers, speed transmitters, temperature monitors, rotation direction switch, elevator leg monitor, magnet target variations, and accessories. USA.
  • Smith Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of sensors for speed, motion and temperature, as well as controls, custom instrumentation, cabling and harnessing associated with these devices. Products include passive speed sensors, standard digital speed sensor, zero speed sensors, proximity speed sensors, temperature thermistor sensor probes, magnetic proximity sensors, waterproof cable connector assemblies, stop motion detector, under/overspeed detector, quadrature output and rotational director, hall effect proximity vehicle transmission speed sensors for automotive racing, automotive and racing temperature sensors. USA.

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