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Intercom systems provide voice communication between persons in different rooms of a building where direct interaction is inconvenient but there exists a need for quick and easy conversation. Intercom systems are used in a variety of commercial contexts to provide communication between two or more individuals located remote from one another. Some intercom systems provide conference-type communication, simultaneously connecting several intercom stations so that several individuals can communicate with groups and sub-groups of other system users. Intercom systems generally employ a matrix of switches, called a crosspoint switch which allows any user to communicate with any selectable mix of the remainder of the users. Crosspoint switches are normally used instead of direct point-to-point connections between source and destination equipment for all but the smallest implementations. Intercom systems connect the stations to each other through individual audio links, the number of which is far less than the number of stations in the system.

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  • Aiphone Corporation
    Provides high-power intercom, integrated intercommunication system, two-way handset intercom system, chime com door entry, two-wire entry system, audio only multi-unit entry system, open voice color video multi-unit entry system, selective chime tone and pantilt video system, acoustic tube system, IP addressable intercom, two color pantilt camera door stations, picture memory unit, network video interface adaptor set, console system, door com system, selective call open voice intercom, long distance & elevator system, access sentry system, over current MK system, lamp memory with access & camera control, UL 1069 listed nurse call system, duplex microprocessor intercom system, video entry communication and pantilt control, and loop-wired microprocessor system.
  • Quantometrix, Inc.
    Specializes in telephone intercom systems with entry access control for single-family homes and multi-unit apartment homes and buildings. Products include multi-unit apartment/office building entry systems, home telephone intercom systems, gate/door entry systems, entry access control systems, wholehouse music systems as well as residential and commercial video entry systems. USA.
  • Vitec Group Communications
    Provides interoperable voice communications solutions to the public safety customers, provides the communications solution in a wide variety of commercial yet non-production applications, hospitals, factories, simulation, cruise ships, which require the vocal clarity, reliability, flexibility, and power of a production intercommunications system. Products include system frames, display panels, key panels, expansion panels, IFB panels, interfaces, intercom stations, wall stations, beltpacks, headsets, interfaces, power supplies, IFB, broadcast, que-com, wireless intercoms, mcrophones, matrices, matrix interface cards, user panels, intelligent network solutions, and 2-wire systems. USA.

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