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Gas detector finds application in a wide range of scientific and technical fileds. Gas detectors are commonly used to determine the component gasses in automobile exhaust so as to measure the effectiveness of pollution control devices. Gas detection devices are also used for a variety of applications in oilwell drilling technology. A gas detector generally comprises a sensor mounted on the ceiling to detect existence of the gas. When the sensor detects that the gas concentration in a site such as the house or the like exceeds a predetermined limit, the gas safety detector emits an alarm signals. Infrared gas sensors have been widely used for either detecting the presence of a gas or measuring the concentration of a gas in a particular environment. Infrared gas sensors are based on the principle of the selective absorption of infrared radiation by gases. Infrared gas sensors generally comprise one or more radiation sources, such as thermal radiators, one or more absorption sections, wavelength-selecting elements and one or more radiation detectors, which convert the optical signal into an electrical measurement signal. Pulsed discharge detectors ionize a discharge gas in a chamber to produce photons, introduce a sample gas to be tested and measure ionization currents of electrons produced from interaction of the photons with the sample gas. Gas detectors which operate and monitor gas concentrations in a fixed location are known in the industry as point detectors.

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  • Acme Engineering Products
    Designing and manufacturing gas detection systems (carbon monoxide (CO) gas detection in underground parking garages, CO2 for indoor air quality, diesel fumes detection for bus and truck terminals and unloading areas, volatile organic compounds (VOC) for numerous industrial and office applications, R-123 refrigerant detection, and O2 deficiency detection) for building ventilation control, process heating equipment for large commercial and industrial applications, automatic scraper-strainers for intake, process and effluent filtration. Canada.
  • BW Technologies Ltd.
    Designs, manufactures and markets a full line of gas monitoring equipment for various industries including mining, police, fire, rescue, shipping, transportation, telecom, oil and gas industries. Products include zero maintenance detectors, single gas detectors, multi-gas detectors, sampling accessories, fixed controllers, transmitters (4-20 mA), zero-maintenance transmitters (4-20 mA, fixed AC/DC single-point monitors, wireless systems, dual-point systems, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) instruments. Canada.
  • Detector Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of catalytic combustible gas CGS detector, eclipse IR gas detector, transmitter w/CGS sensor, termination separation kit & J-box, DMC gas controller, multispectrum IR detector, multispectrum IR hydrogen flame detector, UV flame detector, fire and gas detection/releasing system, engineered hazard protection systems, fire suppression and mitigation systems, facility and equipment protection systems, fire and gas detection systems, and certified safety integrity level 2 (SIL-2) detectors. USA.
  • Scott Instruments
    Manufactures a complete line of portable and fixed detection instruments including toxic and combustible gas monitors and detectors, controllers, and flame detectors to monitor gases such as arsine, combustibles, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrazine, isocyanates, ozone, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, NOx, and over 50+ other compounds. Products include multichannel receiver, DGMACS digital acquisition & control system, graphic/display alarm controller, optical UV flame detector, electrochemical gas sensors, sample draw system, wet stack extraction system, explosion proof gas detector, carbon dioxide gas transmitter, combustible & toxic gas transmitters, portable combustible gas leak detector, multi-gas personal monitor, and GMD dosimeter badges. USA.
  • App-Tek International Pty Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures gas monitors for underground coal mines, fixed gas detectors for industrial hazards, flammable gas head for flammable gas monitoring, handheld methanometers with datalogging, multi gas meters for O.H.&S. monitoring, H2s wastewater recorder for odour control, gas analyzers for environmental pollutants, fibre optic 4-20mA link, and gas dilution system. Australia.
  • California Analytical Instruments
    Provides gas analyzers and systems for use in industrial, environmental, process, health & safety, and automotive emissions measurement applications. Products include chemiluminescence analyzers, infrared analyzers, flame ionization analyzers, paramagnetic analyzers, photoacoustic IR analyzers, multi-point samplers, specialty products, ammonia slip analyzers, integrated systems, and tracer gas systems. USA.
  • Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd.
    Specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing flammable and toxic gas detection equipment, including single gas and multigas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards, detectors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, control panels, and sampling systems. UK.
  • Eco Sensors, Inc.
    Manufacturer of ozone and VOC instruments used to monitor safety in the workplace, control ozone generators, monitor and control processes such as food production and storage, deodorization, sterilization, and measuring ozone dissolved in water. Products include shirtpocket size ozone sensor, VOC gas sensor, fixed monitor with relay and alarm, dissolved ozone monitor, calibration checker, control generators by set-point, and UV absorption analyzer and controller. USA.
  • Enmet Corporation
    Manufacturer of hazardous gas and vapor detection systems for industrial health and safety applications and portable instruments for confined space entry. Manufactures toxic, combustible and oxygen detectors, compressed breathing air monitors, portable and fixed multi-point systems for a wide range of hazardous gases. Products include toxic & oxygen sensor / transmitters, gas monitoring systems, stand-alone toxic & oxygen single gas monitors, oxygen monitors, toxic or combustible solvent / hydrocarbon sensor / transmitters, multi gas detector, interchangeable sensors, formaldehyde detector, air filtration systems, and CO/O2/dewpoint monitor. USA.
  • General Monitors
    Development and manufacturing of gas monitoring and flame detection instrumentation. Offers microprocessor-based gas detector with catalytic bead sensor featuring optional relays and MODBUS communications, infrared detector that continuously monitors combustible gases and vapors, open path hydrocarbon gas monitoring system, single channel combustible gas monitor, single channel trip amplifier module, multi-channel controller, four-digit backlit LCD readout display, combustible gas sensors and accessories, remote gas calibrator (RGC), H2S gas sensors and accessories, toxic gas detector, oxygen deficiency detector, infrared carbon dioxide point detector, UV / IR unitized flame detector, and total systems solutions. USA.
  • Industrial Scientific Corporation
    Develops and delivers reliable gas detection and monitoring solutions, offering a comprehensive line of portable multi-gas and single gas detectors, fixed-point gas monitoring systems and turnkey services. Products include DS2 docking station, industrial and commercial solutions for fixed point gas monitoring, portable multi-gas instruments, portable single gas instruments, automated and comprehensive gas monitor management system, gas monitoring accessories, visual alarms, audio alarms, power supplies, mounting kits, sample pumps, replacement sensors and calibration equipment. USA.
  • RKI Instruments, Inc.
    Supplies formaldehyde gas detector, portable monitor for maritime tankers, optical gas detector, dual range combustible detector, four gas detector, oxygen detector, natural gas detector, halocarbon infrared detector, portable combination HC/O2 detector, leak detector, wall mount controllers, rack mount system, smart sensor/transmitter with readout, sample-draw sensor/transmitter, diffusion sensor/transmitter, pyrolyzer detector head, silane gas detection system, gas detection and monitoring systems for semiconductor processing gases, stand alone transmitter, high sensitivity toxic gas monitor, and Infrared single gas monitor. USA.
  • Sierra Monitor Corporation
    Designs and manufactures gas detection and flame detection products (used in a wide variety of industries, including chemical/petrochemical, wastewater treatment, transportation and oil and gas industries) for combustibles, oxygen and toxic gases, telecom site management products for environmental management of remote telecommunications sites, protocol translators/gateways for Industrial and building automation industries, and OEM protocol coprocessors. USA.

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