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Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Electromagnetic sensors

  • Center for Remote Sensing, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic sensors, fluxgate sensors, induction-coil sensors, broadband antennas covering HF to GHz, multiband fractal antennas, GPS and cellular band antennas, navigational system development products, dual-frequency real-time GPS receivers, GPS signal simulators, GPS antennas, software radio development system, HF/MW tuners and software-defined radios, jammers and spoofers, multipurpose software modem, real-time signal analysis system, signal and imaging processing toolsets, HF diagnostic system for the ionosphere, topside sounder, dual-frequency ionospheric monitor, satellite-borne GPS receivers, data recording and storage system, data acquisition and processing products, magnetic and EM sensors and recorders, magnetic compass, HF/VHF power amplifier, and instrumentation radar. USA.
  • Chauvin Arnoux, Inc.
    Manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments including megohmmeters/Insulation resistance testers, ground resistance testers, power quality analyzers, loggers and meters, single-channel data loggers, environmental testers, hand-held digital multimeters, clamp-on meters, cable testers, leakage current meters and probes, digital DC linear power supplies, resistance and capacitance decade boxes, non-contacting and contacting tachometers, clamp-on current probes, outlet testers, AC line splitters, voltage testers, circuit tracers, Micro-ohmmeter, Oscilloscopes, and accessories. USA.
  • Micro Epsilon
    Manufacturer of electromagnetic sensors, eddy current and inductive displacement sensors, non-contact laser displacement sensors, non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, draw-wire displacement sensors, intelligent universal infrared thermometer, infrared camera, stationary infrared sensors, turbocharger rotation speed sensor, needle lift sensor, spindle growth system, high-speed micrometer, 2D/3D profile sensor, handy infrared thermometer, systems and solutions for dimensional measuring and testing, and application-specific measuring systems. Germany.
  • Roke Manor Research
    Provides electro-magnetic sensors, magnetic & electric field sensors, hostile artillery locator, acoustic communication systems, phased array smart antennas, image capture and retrieval systems, miniature radar altimeter, proximity sensors, 3D multilateration systems, GPS time transfer system, asset tracking system, proximity sensors, miniature radar, phased arrays, millimetre wave radar systems, missile guidance system, radiometry and radiometric systems, radio communications systems, cellular communication systems, network processors, TCP accelerator, terabit router, and hardware firewall. UK.
  • TDK Corporation
    Manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic sensor, compact current transformer, sensor current monitor sensor, surface potential sensor, gear tooth sensor, power level sensor, humidity sensor, power level sensor, NTC thermistor, temperature responsive reed switches, ceramic capacitors, ferrite material of ferrite core, composite magnet, inductors, actuators, sounducers, switches, circulator / isolator, dielectric filters, double balanced mixer, faraday rotator, ceramic discriminators, ceramic resonators, DC to DC converters, and component inserters. Japan.

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