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A closed circuit television (CCTV) is a video magnification system consisting of a video screen interfaced with a video camera. Factories, office buildings, hotels, educational institutions and the like typically employ closed circuit television monitoring systems for surveillance and security purposes. A closed circuit television CCTV is a supervisory system for observation of different locations from a central supervisory station. systems are typically comprised of a closed circuit television network having a plurality of television cameras each arranged to view a particular location. Closed circuit television systems ordinarily include a control or console panel and monitor mounted remote from a television camera from which a television picture is received. At the central supervisory station there're a monitor for receiving video signals from the individual television cameras, a controlling device or operating device for controlling the operation and functions of the television cameras, and a switching circuit for selecting one of the television cameras to be connected to the controlling device and the monitor. Cables extending from the video cameras are terminated with a BNC jack connector and the back panel input connectors are BNC socket connectors each receiving one of the cable jack connectors. The operation and functions of each television camera is controlled by a control signal supplied from a controlling device and each television camera transmits video signals to the central supervisory station. Remote control of the camera is achieved via camera control devices such as lens focus, iris, zoom, and camera attitude mechanisms mounted on the camera. Closed circuit television system provides high contrast, inverse video display, gray scale, false colors, natural colors, and control of contrast level and brightness.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Closed circuit TV

  • Access Controls International
    Manufacturer of keyless entry systems, telephone entry systems, video entry systems, magnetic locks, electric strikes, exit devices, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, medical alert and wireless protection devices, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide detectors, electric operators for overhead/roll up doors, access control readers, access control credentials, automatic closing devices, safety devices, barrier parking gates, sliding gate operators, swinging gate operators, vertical lift gate operators, access control readers, enclosures, gooseneck stands and hardware. USA.
  • CUES Inc.
    Manufacturer of closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection/rehabilitation/pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software for sanitary and storm sewers, industrial process lines, and water lines. Products include customized vehicle/trailer-mounted TV inspection & rehabilitation systems, cameras, camera transporters, grout rehabilitation & pipe joint testing systems, mini-mainline camera systems, lateral reinstatement cutters, lateral cleaning systems, laser profiler, sonar profiler, and portable video inspection cameras. USA.
  • Ernitec A/S
    Manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance equipment such as video matrix systems, digital video recorders, video transmission equipment for twisted pair, fibre cables, passive video transceiver, telemetry receivers, pan/tilt units, camera housings, brackets, dome cameras, full range of CCTV lenses, passive infrared detectors and complete LON based CCTV systems. Denmark.
  • Extreme CCTV Inc.
    Designs, develops and manufactures infrared illuminators and precision engineered surveillance solutions for critical infrastructure, defense, homeland security, transportation and national heritage sites. Products include long range day/night PTZ surveillance system, vandal-resistant all-weather PTZ speed dome, license plate capture with color overview, DHC-imaging license plate capture, explosion protected infrared illuminator, dedicated access control object reader, integrated day night (IDN) camera, dual sensor dome camera, explosion protected motor, all-environment IDN camera, chemically resistant submersible camera, video web server, and extended infrared LXR CCD cameras. Canada.
  • Mace Security International, Inc.
    Manufacturing and marketing security products including personal defense sprays, home and business surveillance and security, automotive security and child safety and security. Products include dome cameras, bullet cameras, CCD cameras, covert cameras, PTZ cameras, PTZ controllers, armor dome, corner mount, PC based DVR, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, DVR systems, radio frequency detector, video transmitters, indoor biometric fingerprint door lock, IP broadband videophone, power distribution, power transformers, multiplexers, and quad processors. USA.
  • Magal Security Systems Ltd.
    Manufacturer of pipeline security system, integrated command and control system, taut wire perimeter intrusion detection system, video motion detection and tracking system, innocent-looking detection system, CCTV security system, vibration detection system, intrustion detection system for concertina and barbed tape barriers, intrusion detection grid, microphonic cable fence disturbance sensor, buried cable intrusion detection system, electrostatic field disturbance sensor, microwave protection system, outdoor infrared LED illuminator, and turnkey security solutions. Israel.
  • Modern Communication & Broadcast Systems
    Manufacturer and supplier of telemetry receivers, telemetry controller, colour video monitor, video processing equipment, digital video recorder, digital video-high-performance video codecs for digital communication networks, fibre optic video transmitters and receivers for high quality and reliable video transmission, web-based and wireless CCTV system, parabolic satellite dish antennae, ground station antennae systems for satellite uplink, CATV headend systems & accessories, and video/audio broadcast equipment. India.
  • NTI Security
    Supplier of time-lapse and event video tape recorders, digital video recorders, black & white CCD cameras, color CCD cameras, lenses, unitized dome cameras, camera housing and mounting hardware, industrial microcameras, single cable camera systems black & white monitors, color monitors, multiplexers, matrix systems, sequential and manual video switchers, video signal equipment, control systems, software-based control systems, pan/Tilt mechanisms and scanners, burglar & fire alarms, as well as controls, keypads, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and access management computer. USA.
  • Quadnetics Group plc
    Development, design, integration and control of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and related control and networking products. Manufacturer of CCTV equipment for bus manufacturers and operators, video systems control products and integrated digital CCTV systems, and CCTV equipment and systems for hazardous environment in the oil, gas and marine industries. UK.
  • Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc.
    Vdeo camera developer and manufacturer serving industrial, machine vision, biometric, security, and specialty OEM markets. Designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes video, image acquisition, and display technologies and products, including security cameras, domes, video capture boards (with software) for computer add-in, CCTV surveillance equipment, LCD display modules and LCD video display monitors, CRT color display monitors, and camera lenses. USA.

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