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Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, tasteless poisonous gas which can be produced by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide remains a significant cause of human fatality because of its colorless and odorless characteristics. The human body has generally a low tolerance for carbon monoxide gas since a concentration of approximately 0.05% over an extended period of time or 1% for a few minutes could prove to be a fatal dosage for humans. The emission of carbon monoxide can be fatal and there have been people killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in these circumstances, even levels of carbon monoxide below the lethal limit can cause headaches, nausea and illness due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Public awareness of the dangers posed by carbon monoxide in the home and continuing advances in carbon monoxide detection technology and reliability has greatly increased the number of carbon monoxide detectors installed in homes. Existing types of carbon monoxide detectors include chemical carbon monoxide detectors, electrochemical carbon monoxide detectors, semiconducting or spectroscopic (infra-red) carbon monoxide detectors. The most popular carbon monoxide detectors for domestic use utilize a gas sensitive semiconductor, the resistance of which changes upon exposure to a reducing gas. Carbon monoxide detectors are typically mounted at various strategic locations around a house or building to detect dangerous air quality conditions as a result of such things as a fire or a smoke or carbon monoxide producing event.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Carbon monoxide detectors

  • Aerion Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of gas detectors for residential, commercial and industrial use. Provides carbon monoxide detection and fan control systems for enclosed parking facilities and warehouses, carbon monoxide and gas detectors to augment alarm control systems in the fire and burglar alarm industry, gas detectors for the propane industry, carbon monoxide, ammonia, refrigerant, hydrogen, and heating gas detectors for the HVAC industry, and other applications include detectors for boats, alternative fuel vehicles and RV's as well as special calibrations to meet specific customer requirements. USA.
  • Alpha Omega Instrument Corp.
    Manufactures a broad product line of thermoelectric cooler controllers used in conjunction with global positioning satellites, high resolution spectrophotometers, laser characterization equipment, inertial guidance systems, medical diagnostic equipment, and OEMs. Also offers a product line of trace and percent oxygen analyzers, transmitters, ambient air oxygen monitors, and carbon dioxide analyzers. USA.
  • Eyston Company Limited
    Manufacturer of DC operated carbon monoxide gas alarm, DC operated ionization type smoke alarm, DC operated photoelectric type smoke alarm, ionization type traveler smoke alarm, AC/ DC operated ionization type smoke alarm, smoke alarm with light facility, inter-connectable smoke alarm, inter-connectable heat alarm, 360 degree rotary AC operated horizontal automatic night-light, vertical automatic night-light, automatic night-light with musical voice, electro-luminescent night-light, PIR sensor night-light, and fire blanket. Hong Kong, China.
  • Pem-Tech, Inc.
    Offers a full range of toxic and combustible gas sensors, gas monitors, portable gas monitoring equipment, and on-stream gas analyzers. Products include hydrogen sulfide sensor, combustible hydrocarbon sensor, oxygen sensor, toxic sensors, area monitor for toxic and combustible gases, sample draw gas monitor, gas monitor, H2S analyzer, on-stream CO2 analyzer, and hydrogen sulfide gas generators/ calibrator. USA.
  • Quantum Group Inc.
    Development and production of carbon monoxide (CO) detection products including, portable carbon monoxide detector, CO alarm for recreational vehicles, residential CO alarm, passive multi-level CO detector card, 12VDC CO alarm for security systems, 24VAC ventilation fan controller, CO appliance safety shutoff & detector , CO sensors, and CO detectors and controls. These products and systems are for use in automobiles, homes, RVís and water craft for CO detection and alarms. USA.
  • S-Tech
    Develops, manufactures and markets hazardous gas detectors and security products as well as home safety and comfort products. Products include carbon monoxide alarm testers, carbon monoxide alarms, carbon monoxide alarm / clock radio, propane gas detectors, natural gas detectors, and wireless digital video monitoring system. Canada.
  • UTC Fire & Security
    Global provider of fire safety and security products and services. Product offerings include fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire and explosion suppression systems, and other fire fighting and fire control products, electronic security (access control, video surveillance), cash delivery and collection, alarm monitoring, and security guards. USA.

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