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Blood pressure has long been known as an important factor in the evaluation of the general level of health of an individual. Blood pressure is the force within the arterial system of an individual that ensures the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. Prolonged reduction or loss of pressure severely limits the amount of tissue perfusion and could therefore result in damage to or even death of the tissue. Various different methods may be used to measure blood pressure: invasive, oscillometric, auscultatory, tonometric, and sensor-based. Blood pressure is commonly measured by auscultation which consists of applying a pressing force greater than the maximum blood pressure to the artery by pressing the brachium or wrist around the circumference and detecting a vibration of the pressed artery on the peripheral side, while gradually decreasing the pressing force. Various devices are well known for automatically performing blood pressure measurements by the ausculatory method. Automatic electronic blood pressure monitors determine the values of the systolic and the diastolic blood pressure e.g. on the basis of an oscillometric measurement.

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  • AND Medical / LifeSource
    Manufacturer of home health care products, including automatic blood pressure monitors, manual inflate blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors, professional blood pressure monitors, sprague rappaport stethoscopes, dual Head stethoscope, single head stethoscope, large digital thermometer, flex-tip digital thermometer, jumbo night glow digital thermometer, instant-read thermometer, personal health scales, and monitoring devices for telemedicine. USA.
  • CAS Medical Systems, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets diagnostic equipment and medical products including apnea/cardio-respiratory monitors, solid hydrogel electrodes and other products designed specifically for neonatal care, non-invasive (oscillometric) blood pressure monitors, multi-parameter vital signs monitors, OEM non-invasive blood pressure technology, disposable and reusable blood pressure cuffs. USA.
  • Duteck Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of electronic products including quartz clock movement, wall/alarm clock, radio control clock, personal care products, body fat analyzer, electronic bathroom scales, kitchen scale, diet scale, mini scale, digital clinical thermometers, instant digital thermometers, infrared ear thermometer, instant flexible digital thermometers, multi-function infrared (forehead) thermometer, digital pill box + pulse meter, IV guard, pedometer, and electric toothbrush. Taiwan, China.
  • Fortifier International Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of controller for massage chair, temperature-controller for fish-vat, bathtub music massage cushion, coin sorter, slim exerciser, hearing aid, neck rest, digital pedometer with radio, dental water jet, ear cleaner, eye mask with natural sound, digital wrist blood pressure monitor, infrared handheld massager, double head massager, chest expander and ventral massager, foot Tapper, and leg massager. China.
  • HoMedics, Inc.
    Develops and supplies automatic blood pressure monitor, instant ear therometer, 10-motor back massager with heat, 5-motor massage mat with heat, massaging ottoman, ultra deep kneading foot massager, infrared massager, rechargeable massager, portable personal massager, compact percussion action massager with heat, antigravity recliner, massaging recliner, garden leaves relaxation fountain, acoustic relaxation machine, wireless weather station forecaster, moist/dry heating pad, bathroom scales, body fat analyzers.
  • Medisana AG
    Manufacturer of blood pressure monitor, basic digital thermometers, digital infrared fever thermometers, digital high-speed thermometers, digital thermometers with flexible tips and the Cardiocheck heart function monitor, anti-allergy devices, heat pads, a range of massaging devices, humidifiers, nebulizers, foot-bathing devices, electro-acupuncture devices and pain therapy devices, orthopedic pillows, leg supports and back supports, devices for manicures and pedicures, as well as pants and belts for micro-massage muscle toning. Germany.
  • Omron Healthcare
    Manufacturer and distributor of automatic blood pressure monitors, manual blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors, ear thermometers, digital stick thermometer, heart rate monitors, pedometer, body fat analyzer, nebulizer systems, peak flow meters, non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic tools, sphygmomanometers and aneroids, digital blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, and digital thermometry.
  • Thames Medical
    Designs, builds and supplies vital signs monitors including pulse oximeters, blood pressure, capnography, ECG, anaesthetic agent monitors. Also provides fetal dopplers, vessel location, needle guidance dopplers and laser temperature guns. UK.
  • The Lumiscope Company, Inc.
    Supplier of semi-automatic inflation upper arm blood pressure monitor, fully-automatic inflation upper arm blood pressure monitor, automatic inflation wrist blood pressure monitor, automatic inflation and smart deflation wrist blood pressure monitor, large adult arm blood pressure cuff, professional aneroid sphygmomanometer blood pressure kit, self-taking blood pressure kit, digital thermometer, babytherm pacifier, quick read dual scale, quick read soft flexible tip, ear style instant read, rupture easer truss, women's tummy uplifter, arch easer, sprague rappaport style stethoscope, nurses single-head stethoscope, dual-head stethoscope, piston nebulizer, ultrasonic nebulizer, T.E.N.S. unit / muscle stimulator, breast pumps, body easer massager, and electronic pill timer. USA.

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