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Baby monitors are devices and systems for monitoring the presence and general well being of children and infants when out of plain view. Baby monitors are increasingly used by parents to monitor a baby while the parent goes to a different location away from the baby such as a different room or outside of the house while the baby is sleeping. Baby monitors typically include a transmitter or baby unit and a receiver or parent unit wherein the baby unit transmits sounds from the baby to the parent unit and the parent unit may also transmit the parent's voice to the baby unit. The transmitter contains a microphone or other sound detecting device and is placed in a location near a baby. The receiver contains a speaker and placed in a location near a parent. A sound detected by the transmitter is transmitted to the receiver for output to the parent to hear and respond to accordingly. Baby monitors have been developed that allow two-way communication so that a parent may talk to the infant being monitored to reassure or soothe the infant. Such devices may comprise either video cameras and/or audio microphones that are placed in close proximity with the child which transmits a signal to a remote video monitor and/or amplifier/speaker to thus enable the supervising adult to remotely monitor the child/infant.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Baby monitors

  • Chit Shun entrprise Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of baby monitor, medicine reminders, denture case, hands-free FM radio, sport radios, shower radios, desktop voice memo, key chain voice memo, personal alarm with LED light, key lights, specialty lights, USB light, water resistant bike radio, EM radiation detector, and custom packaging products. Hong Kong, China.
  • Ming Hing Electronics
    Manufacturer of video doorbell with CID telephone, 2.4GHz wireless vedio doorbell, video doorbell for villa, wireless audio/video transmission monitor, caller ID telephone, 2.4Ghz wireless baby monitors, miniature camera, mini dome color camera, 46/49MHZ cordless telephone, and dect phone. China.
  • ShuoYing Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of low-pixel digital camera, high-pixel digital camera, binocular digital camera, PC camera, digital video camera, flash MP3 player, portable multimedia player, flash memory card reader, LED belt buckle, car plate frame, LED fashion jewelry, wireless baby monitor, glass-platform electronic scales, and sudoku game player. China.
  • Summer Infant
    Supplier of 2.4 GHz digital monitor, prenatal listening system, healthy nursery baby monitor, dual scanning video monitor, automobile monitor, day and night handheld color video monitor, forehead thermometer strips, pacifier thermometer, fingerbrush with case, gentle vibrations massager & toothbrush, nasal aspirator, baby mitts, booster-to-toddler seat, and bouncers. USA.
  • Winait Technologies Limited
    Manufacturer and exporter of baby monitors, digital video camera, network cameras & IP cameras, mini LED light chrome name belt buckles, LED car frame, MP4 players, SD cards/memory card, TFT LCD monitors, and suduko game player. China.
  • ZTV Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of wireless security products and consumer electronics, including 2.4G wireless palmboy babymonitor kit, wireless PC camera, wireless AV module, wireless converter kit, mini wireless AV color camera kit, mini wireless color camara kit, and wireless day/night color camera kit. China.

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