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Security devices are a part of doing business today. Security alarm systems are widely used to protect property as well as personal safety. Most residences, facilities, and vehicles have installed security alarm systems to monitor the properties from burglars and accidents. A number of systems and techniques have been employed in the prior art as a warning system for large buildings. These include having warning sensors for detecting fire, security, or other means wired directly to a main console, with indicators that a particular sensor has been activated. Regular security alarm systems are commonly comprised of a transmitter and an alarm. These systems do so by generating an alarm in response to any number of events, such as unauthorized entry, fire, a medical emergency or manual alarm activation. Some systems provide a service which remotely monitors the status of the security alarm system.

Listings on Safety and surveillance electronics : Alarm systems

  • Advanced Security & Controls, Inc.
    Designs and installs electronic card entry systems ranging from a single-door to multi-point applications, camera surveillance systems/closed circuit television (CCTV), burglar alarm systems, gate entry systems, telephone entry systems, ID badging systems, fire alarm systems, and monitoring systems. USA.
  • NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of security products, encompassing burglar and fire alarms, access control systems and electronic digital and proximity locks, and panic exit hardware. The Company designs, engineers and markets the software and control panels used for a variety of access control systems. It also manufactures and markets products for alarm systems, including automatic communicators, control panels, fire alarm control panel, combination control panels/digital communicators and digital keypad systems, as well as door security devices and area detectors. USA.
  • Visonic Group
    Develops and manufactures home security and management system, web-based remote surveillance and control system, portable transmitters, door/window transmitters, keypads/remote commanders, repeaters/range extenders, receivers, wireless detectors, motion detectors, glass-break detectors, photoelectric detectors, speech processors, speech dialers, social alarms, detector accessories, and control panel accessories. Israel.
  • Bosch Security Systems
    Manufacturer of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, access control systems, intrusion detection and control, fire alarm systems, security management systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors, video switchers and control systems, and digital recording systems, public address/voice evacuation systems congress systems, social alarm systems for the elderly and disabled.
  • Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer and marketer of integrated system solutions for retail security, labeling and merchandising. Provides technology-driven integrated supply chain solutions to brand, track, and secure goods for retailers and consumer product manufacturers worldwide. The company provides electronic article surveillance systems and tags using radio frequency and electromagnetic technology, security source tagging, branding tags and labels for apparel, retail display systems, and hand-held labeling systems. USA.
  • Federal Signal Corporation
    Supplier of communication and security equipment and systems for offshore, marine, industrial and municipal facilities. Product offering includes public address/general alarm systems, industrial intercoms and paging systems, digital industrial intercom and communication systems, heavy duty two-way industrial intercoms, multi-party intercom and paging system, edge rough duty uninterruptible power supply, speaker/amplifiers, sounders, public address speakers, indoor, outdoor, weatherproof, hazardous area and explosion proof beacons and strobe lights, audible signals, visual signals, telephony, and uninterruptible power supplies. USA.
  • Modularm Corporation
    Manufacturer of temperature alarms and temperature monitors, temperature data loggers, refrigerator and freezer temperature alarms, door alarms, autodialers and refrigeration controls. USA.
  • Nohmi Bosai, Ltd.
    Development, marketing, installation and maintenance of addressable fire alarm systems, fire control panels, annunciators, smoke detectors, addressable fire alarm systems with automatic test functions, nitrogen fire-extinguishing systems, automatic fire-extinguishing systems for municipal solid waste incineration plants, and fire suppression systems for flammable liquids. Japan.
  • Rel-Tek Corporation
    Manufacturer of a complete line of gas monitoring and control systems, including PC-based data logging and telemetry software and a full complement of field I/O hardware. Sensors include carbon monoxide and other toxics, methane and all combustibles, oxygen(% and PPM), carbon dioxide, NO2, SO2, H2S, smoke, temp, pressure, RH and air velocity. USA.
  • Technor ASA
    Specializes in the supply of industrial safety equipment and solutions to companies active within the oil and gas, petrochemicals and defense industries.Product includes machine control and operating equipment, junction boxes and circuit breakers, fire safety equipment and systems, gas detectors, industrial terminals and computers, explosion-proof equipment, specialty lighting, sockets and adapters, cables and connectors, override terminals, and alarm systems. Norway.

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