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  • Advanced Microwave Components
    Specializes in microwave related precision machining, manufacturing and repair of waveguide rotary joints. Manufactures a wide variety of standard custom and flexible waveguide components for the microwave / satellite industry and keeps several custom flexible waveguide components, rotary joints and RF communication components. USA.
  • Aircom Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of waveguide stands, waveguide adapters, waveguide gain standard horns, waveguide horns, beacon antennas, telemetering antennas, variable attenuators, calibrated variable attenuators, fixed attenuators, flap attenuators, level set attenuators, waveguide E & H bends, untuned diode mounts, coax diode mounts, tunable diode mounts, cross guide coupler, directional couplers, high directivity couplers, quarter wave couplers, long slot topwall couplers, waveguide multi hole topwall couplers, variable couplers, frequency meters, low power loads, waveguide sliding loads, high power dummy loads, adjustable phase shifters, coax sliding line phase shifter, waveguide matched hybrid tees, waveguide switch, waveguide tapered transitions, movable short drive assembly, non-contacting shorts, movable shorts with lock, sliding screw tuner, and coax double stub tuners. USA.
  • Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.
    Specializes in very high power microwave and millimeter-wave sources and components for research in high energy physics, fusion energy development, and advanced department of defense systems. Products include microwave and millimeter-wave windows, mode converters, tapers, and filters, multiple beam electron guns, gyrotron depressed collectors, millimeter and submillimeter backward wave oscillators, and high power waterloads for gaussian mode gyrotrons. USA.
  • Continental Microwave & Tool Company, Inc.
    Provides custom microwave components and integrated subsystems for radar, electronic warfare and communications systems serving aerospace and defense communities as well as the commercial satellite and medical diagnostics industries. Products include passive waveguide components, integrated assemblies, filters, diplexers, multiplexers, flat plate array antennas and active components. USA.
  • Credowan Limited
    Specializes in the manufacture and supply of microwave waveguide assemblies in both rigid and flexible, along with a wide range of microwave devices and components including couplers, transitions, loads, sub-systems, antennas, phase shifters, round waveguide, rotary joints, millimetric devices, pressure adapters, and anechoic hoods. UK.
  • EM Design, LLC
    Specializes in the design and fabrication of RF and microwave components, systems and sub-systems. Products include antennas, antenna polarizers, circulators, waveguide loads, coaxial loads, mircowave pulse compressors, waveguide windows, waveguide seals, waveguide shorts, waveguide couplers and microwave heating. USA.
  • Microtech, Inc.
    Manufacturer of flexible and rigid waveguide assemblies and passive microwave components including bends, twists, flanges, arc detectors, couplers, flexible waveguide, magic tees, pressure windows, rigid waveguide, rotary joints, standard gain horns, terminations, torsional joints, and waveguide to coax adapters. USA.
  • Scientific Microwave Corp.
    Manufacturer of passive microwave components and assemblies in standard and doubleridge waveguide from 1-65 GHz. Products include circulators, isolators, filters, couplers, terminations, phase shifters, transitions, twists, bends and integrated assemblies. Canada.
  • Waveline Inc.
    Manufactures waveguide and solid state pin diode components, adapters, coax attenuators, PIN diode attenuators, bi-phase modulators, attenuators, bulkhead units, circulators, couplers, crystal mounts, elbows, flexible waveguide, frequency meters, horn antennas, loads, miters, phase shifters, pressure windows, shorts, straight sections, PIN diode switches, shorting switches, waveguide switches, tees, transitions, tuners, and twists. USA.

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