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  • Axcera
    Manufacturer of IOT television transmitters, low power television transmitters, high power television transmitters,distributed transmission networks, discrete transmitters, channel combiners, system backup, network management, broadband transmitters, DVB-H transmitter systems, mobile broadband PCMCIA cards, desktop modem, node B base station, integrated network controller (INC), and element manager system. USA.
  • Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.
    Develops an extensive product line for the transmission of video for electronic news gathering (ENG) capabilities in mobile vans, fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, and portable applications. Products include single channel video transmitter, portable video transmitter, frequency agile video transmitter, video link expander, video scrambling system, omni actuator system, directional antenna system, steerable antenna system, ground tracking antennas, heavy duty pan and tilt pedestal, receive site antennas, control panels, ENG truck systems, portable video & data receivers, FSK data modems, integral GPS receiver and data formatter. USA.
  • Nautel Limited
    Manufacturer of medium wave AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters (both analog and digital), navigational radio beacons, differential global positioning system (DGPS) transmitters, medium frequency ( MF) telegraph and NAVTEX transmitters, and high frequency (HF) amplifiers for dielectric heating applications. Canada.
  • OKW Electronics
    Manufacturer of complete AM remote control system, AM keyfob transmitter encoders, AM-HiRK receiver decoder module, RF600E/D encoder & decoder chipsets, FM encoder transmitters, FM receiver decoders, real time emulator, ISPIC programming adaptor, and hybrid circuits for all types of electronics. USA.
  • Remote Control Technology, Inc.
    Design, manufacturing and sales of RF radio frequency wireless remote controls for irrigation equipment control and industrial automation applications. Products include FM transmitters, receivers, and associated products for RF wireless communication, equipment control and remote switching. FM transmitters and receivers can be interfaced with SCADA systems and PLC programmable logic controllers. Pemote controls are used wherever wireless data acquisition, wireless communication or process control of remote equipment is needed. USA.

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