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Radio frequency (RF) power transistors are commonly used in amplification stages for radio base station amplifiers for mobile communication devices such as cellular phones, paging systems, navigation systems, avionics, and military applications. The radio frequency amplifier is incorporated in a wireless device to transmit the information. In general, the radio frequency amplifier is connected to an antenna to disperse the signal in a directional or non-directional pattern depending on the application. Power transistors for RF and Microwave frequencies are made of multiple building blocks or individual transistors which are driven in parallel with the outputs of the transistors combined as the power output. A power transistor typically comprises a plurality of transistor cells or unit elements in a semiconductor die with the cells connected in parallel for amplifying an input signal.

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  • Advanced Semiconductor, Inc.
    Manufactures RF power transistors and microwave diodes. Offers bipolar RF power transistors, enhancement mode FET RF power transistors, and LDMOS FET RF power transistors covering the 1.0 MHz to 4.2 GHz frequency spectrum with output power up to 600 Watts. RF power transistors are available in a variety of hermetic and non-hermetic packages including balanced configurations. These products primarily replaces those from Motorola, Philips, and SGS Thomson. Our line of microwave diodes primarily replaces those from HP, M/A-COM, Alpha, and Loral/Frequency sources. USA.
  • Continental Device India Limited
    Manufacturer of general purpose switching transistors, small signal transistors, medium power transistors, power transistors, high voltage transistors, low frequency transistors, RF transistors, darlington transistors, diode/zener chips, transistor chips, switching diodes, general purpose diodes, schottky diodes, 300/600 mW SMD single/dual zeners, 400/500 mW axial and SMD zeners, 1 W axial leaded zeners, 1.3/2 W axial leaded zeners, 200/410 mW SMD zeners diodes, 1W/1.5W SMD zeners diodes, standard silicon rectifiers, fast recovery rectifiers, ultra fast recovery rectifiers, super fast recovery rectifiers, schottky barrier rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, high effiency rectifiers, thyristors, linear voltage regulators, and light emitting diodes.
  • Cree, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices based on silicon carbide (SiC), Group III nitrides (GaN), silicon and related compounds. Cree’s product families include blue and green LED chips, lighting LEDs, LED backlighting solutions, silicon-based RF transistors and RF transistor modules, power-switching devices and radio-frequency/wireless devices. USA.

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