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  • Applied Instruments, Inc.
    A privately-owned company that designs, manufactures, and sells test equipment to the telecommunications industry. Product line includes CATV, MMDS, and satellite signal level meters, multi-carrier signal generators, broadband RF switches and switch controllers, spectrum analyzers, a return band alignment system, and calibrators. USA.
  • April Instrument, Inc.
    Manufacturer of programmable microwave signal generators covering the frequency range from 0.5 to 26.5 GHz most with a minimum output power of +10 dBm and one MHz resolution. USA.
  • Axxiom Chromatography
    Manufacturer of mobile phase recycler for isocratic liquid chromatography, high resolution signal/peak generator for testing and validation of chromatography data systems and integrators, low pressure quaternary gradient HPLC pump controllers/programmers, and HPLC columns with batch-to-batch reproducibility and high-resolution performance. USA.
  • Hioki E.E. Corporation
    Developer and manufacturer of signal source, arbitrary waveform generators, meter relays, in-circuit testers, bare board testers, insulation testers, earth testers, tachometers, phase detectors, voltage detectors, LAN cable tester, optical power meter, noise search tester, clamp meters, clamp sensors, data loggers, temperature meters, remote measurement systems, lux testers, power quality analyzers, power meters, power analyzers, milliohm testers, LCR testers, battery testers, digital multimeters, leakage current tester, withstand voltage testers, insulation resistance testers. Japan.
  • Interface Technology, Inc.
    Manufacturer of innovative test and measurement solutions to electronic design engineers, test engineers and integrators of custom test equipment. Products include digital delay generator, IF signal generator, digital test subsystems, table driven digital delay generators, digital I/O modules, pulse generators, thermo-electric cooler controller, ARINC 429 bus analyzers, 553A Mil-Std-1553 bus analyzer, 20 MHz pattern generator / analyzers, digital test subsystem, and 20 MHz digital word generator. USA.
  • Ivie Technologies, Inc.
    Manufactures automatic mixers, analog and DSP signal processors, signal generator, room combining and matrix mixers, real time audio spectrum analyzer, sound pressure level (SPL) meter, IE-35 volt meter, strip chart, computer controlled mixer, octave equalizer, and audio test equipment for just about any customer application. USA.
  • Signatec, Incorporated
    Specializes in design and manufacture of PC-based solutions for very high-speed applications, products include data acquisition signal waveform digitizer boards, digital signal processing boards, signal waveform generation and playback boards, high-speed auxiliary bus, and waveform recording data storage products. USA.

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