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Network analyzers are used to determine the radio frequency (RF) characteristics of various electrical systems and are widely used in radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications for the measurement of a circuit's unknown scattering parameters (s-parameters). Network analyzer systems enable complete characterization of a network through measurement of the magnitude and phase of its input and transfer characteristics. A vector network analyzer (VNA) measures a performance of a radio frequency (RF) and/or microwave/millimeter wave device under test (DUT) and produces measured results in terms of network scattering parameters. Vector network analyzers transmit a microwave signal to a test device and receive a return signal to enable characterization of the test device. VNAs enable a user to easily identify a fault in a cell site component and to measure the distance from the test device to a fault or discontinuity. A VNA also enables calibration to extend the test port connection to the end of a cable connected to the test port by accounting for any phase and amplitude differences. Radio frequency network analyzer systems consist of a network analyzer and may include a multi-port test set. Typically, these systems include a display device to present a graphical vector representation of the network characteristics. The network analyzer integrates a radio frequency source with built-in couplers for signal separation, a narrow band receiver, a display and a processor.

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