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Radio frequency (RF) modulators are used for coupling an audio signal into an audio system via its radio tuner when an auxiliary input to the audio system is not available. In order to modulate the output of a radio frequency source, a modulator or attenuator is usually connected in series with the source. A typical radio frequency modulator may operate using frequency modulation at the lower end of the FM broadcast band. A reflective shunt diode modulator consists of a transmission line which is connected to ground at intervals by PIN diodes.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : RF modulators

  • ELANsat Technologies Inc
    Manufacturer of portable DAB (digital audio broadcasting) receivers, 2.4GHz wireless A/V sender, 2.4 GHz wireless digital audio video sender, 2.4GHz wireless A/V sender, 433MHz IR extender, 2.4GHz wireless digital audio, 2.4GHz wireless digital audio sender with wireless headphone, 2.4GHz wireless stereo headphone and USB transmitter, wireless night-vision color camera, wireless baby monitor camera, stereo RF modulator, and DiSEqC switch. Taiwan, China.
  • Herley Industries, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures antennas, avionics & command and control systems, communication systems, data acquisition & telemetry systems, flight termination systems, GPS systems, IFF systems, microwave sub-systems, radar altimeters, radar and threat simulators, radar transponders & test sets, telemetry transmitters and receivers, attenuators & modulators, digitally tuned oscillators, free running sources, frequency locked oscillators, hybrid microcircuits, integrated microwave assemblies, MIC products, millimeter wave components, phase locked signal sources, phase shifters/frequency translators, power amplifiers, switches, synthesizers, voltage controlled oscillators, and power amplifiers. USA.
  • Longsign Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of VS simulating tuners, DVB-C tuners, FS simulating tuners, FS LCD tuners, RF modulators, 2 in 1 incorporate tuners, and FM tuners, for use in TV sets, LCD TVs, HDTVs, bus AVs, DVB-satellite receivers, CATV set-top-boxes, VCD/DVD players, car audio systems, home theaters, Hi-Fi game videos, multimedia TV cards, and other high-frequency receivers of communications industry. China.

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