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Radio frequency (RF) receivers are used in a wide variety of applications such as wireless local area networks (LANs), television, cellular phones, pagers, global positioning system (GPS) receivers, cable modems, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cordless phones, and other radio frequency (RF) devices. RF receivers all require frequency translation or mixing. Radio frequency (RF) mixers, also knows as modulators, are used to up convert an IF input signal having an intermediate frequency to a desired output signal having an radio frequency (IF). A receiver circuit typically receives a radio frequency (RF) modulated signal from an antenna. The receiver includes an input low-noise amplifier followed by a filter and a mixer. RF mixers are used to shift signals from lower to higher frequencies or from higher to lower frequencies. A mixer multiplies its signal inputs often producing very complex products in the process. RF mixers include a transconductor and a commutating stage switching section driven by signals from a local oscillator.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : RF mixers

  • Eclipse Microwave, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a wide selection of microwave products, including microwave mixers and frequency doublers, tunnel diode detector, zero bias schottky diode detectors, bias schottky diode detectors, image reject mixers, I-Q modulators, threshold detectors, and pin diode limiters. USA.
  • Marki Microwave
    Provides a full range of frequency mixers and converters, DC to 65 GHz, mixer based subassemblies, triplers and quadruplers, power dividers, couplers, amplifiers and DC blocks, low noise receivers and medium power transmitters for point to multipoint and LMDS applications. USA.
  • Polyphase Microwave
    Specializes in supplying next generation I/Q mixer products including quadrature modulators, demodulators, image-reject mixers, and single-sideband modulators, for use in wideband digital communications systems, reating direct conversion receivers that demodulate wideband communications signals. USA.

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