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  • Anaren, Inc.
    Designs manufactures and sells complex microwave signal distribution networks and components for the wireless communications, satellite communications, medical, optics, automotive, and defense electronics markets. Products include couplers, power dividers, quads, splitter/combiner networks, baluns, vector modulators, mixers, resistors, terminations, attenuators, circulators, isolators, RF backplanes, switches, and integrated assemblies. USA.
  • DiTom Microwave
    Develops and manufactures isolators and circulators (single junction isolators, dual junction isolators, dual junction circulators, high frequency circulators and isolators, broadband isolators, broadband circulators) in selected frequency ranges from 150 MHz to 40 GHz, and SMA-female connectors. USA.
  • Electronika International Inc.
    Manufacturer of coaxial connectors, RF adapters, standard & custom coaxial cable assemblies, attenuators, isolators, circulators, RF switches, cable assembly tools. offers broadest range of products for RF & microwave industry, serving customers within multiple markets, including the telecommunications, wireless and satcom, military, instrumentation, consumer electronics, computers and computer peripherals, commercial aircraft, industrial equipment and medical equipment. USA.
  • EM Design, LLC
    Specializes in the design and fabrication of RF and microwave components, systems and sub-systems. Our designs have provided microwave devices for the medical, aerospace, defense, and scientific communities. These solutions include antennas, antenna polarizers, circulators, isolators, waveguide loads, coaxial loads, microwave pulse compressors, waveguide windows, waveguide seals, waveguide shorts, waveguide couplers and microwave heating.
  • Handsome Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of coaxial isolator, coaxial circulator, drop in isolator, drop in circulator, surface mount isolator, surface mount circulator, directional coupler, power splitter and filter. China.
  • MICA Microwave Corporation
    Manufacturer of mullti-port isolators and circulators, microstrip construction isolators and circulators, isolators and circulators (with removable SMA connectors, GPO shrouds, TNC, N type and K type connectors), stripline construction isolators and circulators with microstrip launches, iso mixers (isolator mixer assemblies), IQ mixers, image reject mixers, up and down converters, frequency doublers, double balanced mixers, isoadapters, linear slope equalizers, parabolic shaped equalizers, fine grain equalizers, integrated equalizers, and harmonic phase shifters. USA.
  • RF-Lambda Inc.
    Development and manufacture of microwave products including circulator, isolator, filter, duplexer, combiner, attenuator, termination, coupler, low noise amplifier, power amplifier, PIN switch, PIN attenuator, mixer, flexible twistable waveguide, waveguide circulator, isolator, coupler, adapter, and termination attenuator. USA.
  • Valvo Bauelemente GmbH
    Specializing in the delevopment, manufacture and marketing of ferrite components for microwave and rf applications. Products include standard or customized 3- and 4- port circulators, drop-in circulators, isolators, isoductors, and broadcasting systems operating in frequency ranges between 50 MHz and 18 GHz. Germany.
  • Wenteq Microwave Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and supplies drop-in isolators, drop-in circulators, coaxial isolators, coaxial circulators, waveguide isolators, waveguide circulators, waveguide to coaxial iso-adapters, low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers, high power waveguide terminations, coaxial high power attenuators and terminations, SMA connectors, coaxial cable assemblies, RF and microwave adapters, microwave filters and duplexers. USA.

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