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An RF detector is formed to compress the output voltage at two different rates depending on the value of the output voltage. RF detector for detecting RF signals, comprise of a gain circuit for amplifying the RF signals, a rectification circuit for changing the RF signals to a DC voltage, a comparator for comparing the DC voltage to a reference voltage,and an LED coupled to the comparator for indicating that RF signals are present within the RF detector and for indicating that RF signals are not present within the RF detector. RF detector also provides temperature compensation in the output voltage to reduce output voltage variations due to temperature changes. A temperature stabilized RF detector has a first diode connected between an input terminal for receiving an RF signal and an output terminal for outputting the detection signal of the RF signal, and a second diode connected between the input terminal and a constant voltage source through a buffer circuit. Connecting directions of the first and second diodes are opposite to each other in a circuit for connecting the output terminal and the constant voltage source.

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  • Innovative Wireless Technologies
    Products include RF/cellphone radiation detector used to detect mobile radios and handheld computers, ad hoc mesh networking solution, development kit, GPS reference design module, and ZigBee module. Provides RFIC and discrete designs, system modeling and simulations, digital/analog two-way radio and cellular designs, satellite design, bluetooth transceiver, digital satellite radio, ISM transceiver, man down transmitter, and wireless meter reader. USA.

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