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Radio frequency (RF) connectors are generally used in the transmission of RF signals to interconnect cables and other components which carry radio frequency signals. Radio frequency equipment commonly has devices that require the use of connectors to interconnect components of the equipment. RF connectors function to interconnect coaxial cables, coaxial cables with components or components with other components. Such RF connectors interconnect various components including coaxial cable and printed circuit boards. Radio frequency connectors typically comprise a solid, straight center pin, an extruded dielectric material, and a matable housing. RF connectors include one or more jacks and one or more interface plugs which receive the jacks therein and the connectors are formed in a large variety of different configurations for accommodating various interconnecting applications. A radio frequency (RF) cable connector assembly generally includes a plug connector and a complementary receptacle connector.

Listings on RF and microwave electronics : RF connectors

  • Astrolab, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures a complete line of RF & microwave coaxial connectors for applications up to 50 GHz, coaxial pin and socket contacts, RF and microwave adaptors, surge protection adaptors, phase shifters and phase trimming devices, attenuators, waveguide adaptors, end launchers, waveguide clamps, astro-cobra-flex convoluted semi-rigid cables, flat response delay lines, high temperature dielectric beads for 3.5mm and 7mm connectors.
  • Kings Electronics
    Manufactures a wide array of RF interconnect products for operation from 0 to 18 GHz, ranging in size from subminiature connectors to large, high voltage types, products used in the broadcast, telecommunications, high voltage, industrial, commercial and military aviation and aerospace markets. Offers video jacks and jackfields, AES micro-miniature systems, triaxial connectors, termination (crimp & strip) tools & die sets, termination (crimp & strip) tools & die sets. USA.
  • Neutrik Group
    Manufacturer of professional entertainment connector systems inlcuding XLR connectors, fiber optic connection system, plugs, jacks, lockable loudspeaker connector patch-panels, power-connectors, BNC style connectors and special connectors for industrial applications. Germany.
  • Radiall
    Manufacturer of interconnect components including RF/coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, attenuator, connectorized coupler, DC block, detector, lightning protector, monitor tees, phase shifter, rotary joint, SMT attenuator, SMT coupler, SMT termination, space attenuator, space coupler, space phase shifter, fiber optic components, microwave components and multipin connectors for the automotive, telecommunication, military and aerospace markets.
  • San-tron, Inc.
    Designs and builds RF coaxial connectors in standard and application specific configurations. Products include adapters between, BNC connectors, 75 OHM BNC connectors, C connectors, HN connectors, LC connectors, MHV connectors, N connectors, SC connectors, SHV connectors, SMA connectors, TNC connectors, UHF connectors, 7/16 connectors, and cable assemblies. USA.
  • Southwest Microwave, Inc.
    Design, manufacture and sale of proprietary high performance microwave products including super SMA connectors, 2.92 connectors, 2.40mm connectors, flange mount cable terminations, cable connectors and assemblies, SSMA connectors, TNC connectors, BMA / OSP connectors, waveguide connectors, and end launch connectors. USA.
  • SV Microwave Inc.
    Designs and manufactures RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, SMB & SMC subminiature connectors, SMA slide-on miniature connectors, attenuators, terminations, resistive products, metal film cards, used in the defense, satellite, aerospace and telecommunication industries where performance, reliability and durability matter. USA.
  • SV Microwave, Inc.
    Engineers and manufactures RF coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, attenuators and terminations for the RF and microwave industries. Product range includes standard off-the-shelf catalog items to custom designed products for special customer requirements, used in the defense, satellite, aerospace and telecommunication industries. UK.
  • Trompeter Electronics Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets high end RF interconnect components for the telecommunications, military/aerospace and television/broadcast industries. Product offering includes a wide range of coax, twinax and triax connectors, cables, tools and cable assemblies, BNC connectors, digital cross connect connect products and a full line of completer items for the central office DS3 coaxial transmission line. USA.
  • Winchester Electronics
    Designs and manufactures a wide variety of electronic connector products including backplane connector systems, RF coaxial connectors, input/output (I/O) connectors, and power connectors as well as value-added products such as cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, and upper-level box builds. Products are used by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract electronic manufacturers (CEMs) in the telecommunications, wireless, computer, military / aerospace, industrial, and medical equipment industries. USA.

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